Tata Motors offers 11% on fixed deposits

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Update: This is not 13.3%. This is more like 11% (or 11.5% if you are a shareholder). The rate mentioned is not annualised; the only rates that matter are compounded rates. Thanks to the anonymous commenter who corrected me.

Tata Motors is offering upto 13.33% 11.5% interest, per year, on fixed deposits with the company. (Read the brochure)

All you need to do to be a shareholder is to buy one share - currently less than Rs. 200 - and get 0.5% more.

The major issue of course: Is Tata Motors going to be solvent? Going by how this stupid government is thinking of bailout a Satyam, I think it's a given that even Tata Motors is going to be bailed out. In Satyam they aren't even letting the shareholders go bust - usually bailouts protect debt holders, but here they're protecting those that took the risk!

Given this mentality it's likely Tata Motors won't be allowed to go bust, but if things get ugly money could be stuck for a while. The financials don't look very good, but that's true of everything. Comes down to trust. So if you like Ratan Tata - and most importantly, if he likes you - this might just be the "alpha" you're looking for.

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10 comments “Tata Motors offers 11% on fixed deposits”

>The yield calculations are incorrect. Do it yourself and figure out?

You don’t show simple returns when annualised. You need to show compounded annualised returns.

>Yes. The yields were misleading.

For 2 years, it should have been 10.92% and for 3 years 11.46%. 12.83% is misleading.

Such a bad times … Even TATA’s are not behind.

>buy one share …and get 0.5% extra yiels sure sounds like a PONZI

i would like to invest in Tata Motors Fixed income Scheme B Cumulative Deposit

i bwant to have a non cumulative fd of rs 6 lakhs for a period of 3 years what rate of intrest can i get as of now? inform at rkg@nic.in or on 9810278427


Hi, I am planning to invest 2 lacs at a go-pls tell what will be the interest rates & how much i will get at the end of the tenure along with compoung interest???

Pls mail me or call me on my mobile no-9223173406 (mumbai Resident)

THings are different now; I don’t think Tata Motors is accepting deposits any more…

I want to invest in tata motors FD Scheme , Please help me . my Contact No. 9434250382

I would be interested in the fixed deposit scheme .

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