Extending Capital Mind Premium to 20-Dec

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Due to lots of issues with bank gateways and requests, I’m extending the subscription discount of 40% on the Capital Mind Premium to 20th December.

The discount falls to 20% after that, so I would encourage you to subscribe now!

We’ve had two webinars, and around 20 premium posts and letters with Capital Mind Premium, accessible on the Capital Mind with your premium login and password. (Click here)

We’re going to have a fun time with Capital Mind Premium, speaking of the economy, the (interim) budget, stocks, derivatives and the banking system.We’ll also have an early look-in into our data product, where you don’t have to wait for me to post to see the latest about liquidity, rates, economic data and screened opportunities.

Programming at Capital Mind will continue as usual, of course.

You can register for a free trial here:

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The man behind Capital Mind. Deepak is a co-founder at MarketVision, a financial knowledge company. Deepak also provides data research and consulting services, and now lives in Bangalore. Connect with him at deepakshenoy@gmail.com.

2 comments “Extending Capital Mind Premium to 20-Dec”

Dear Sir,
Can we get premium posts in one place as I have to search these posts. You were to archive the premium posts.
Dr.Suhas Kothavale.

You can get to them by going to http://capitalmind.in/category/premium. I will also create a listing page for all of the premium posts with a short summary and publicise them within this week.

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