Premium: Strides Arcolab Declares Rs. 500 Dividend, a 56% Yield – Good Deal?

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The Case of Strides Arcolab

Strides Arcolab recently sold it’s Agila Specialties division to Mylan for $1.75 billion. They will now use the money to cut out short term debt and distribute $525 million to shareholders, which translates to Rs. 500 per share. (They have about 6 crore shares)

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2 comments “Premium: Strides Arcolab Declares Rs. 500 Dividend, a 56% Yield – Good Deal?”

Hi Deepak,

are you sure about the eligibility for short term capital losses? i heard that you need to have bought BOTH 3 months before the ex data and hold it for 3 months after ex date


Anish: It’s either. Section 94(7) is like this:

(a) any person buys or acquires any securities or unit within a period of three months prior to the record date;
(b) such person sells or transfers—
(i) such securities within a period of three months after such date; or
(ii) such unit within a period of nine months after such date;
(c) the dividend or income on such securities or unit received or receivable by such person is exempt,
then, the loss, if any, arising to him on account of such purchase and sale of securities or unit, to the extent such loss does not exceed the amount of dividend or income received or receivable on such securities or unit, shall be ignored for the purposes of computing his income chargeable to tax.

This means either you buy three months prior: (a) is invalid, or you sell more than three months after: (b) is invalid. if both (a) and (b) are valid, then the dividend stripping is not allowed.

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