WPI Inflation for Jan 2014 at 5.05%, Lowest in Seven Months

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Wholesale Price Inflation in India for Jan 2014 came in at a low 5.05%, making everyone wonder what they are smoking. (Beedi’s perhaps, which has seen inflation of just 1.1%). This is the lowest since May 2013.


Component wise, we’re seeing food down to 6%!


The data for Nov 2013 has not changed even after revisions.

It’s a good thing, this report. It’s a tad difficult to believe, but prices at the wholesale level have been falling the last month. Let’s hope it stays that way!

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2 comments “WPI Inflation for Jan 2014 at 5.05%, Lowest in Seven Months”

Hi Deepak,

The index numbers seems to be wrong. 168.8 and 179.2 are more than 6% apart. Not 5.05%. Please check.

Thanks for the heads up! Fixed.