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24 11, 2015

Chart: FIIs Relentlessly Sell In Cash Markets, But There’s Some Hope Visible in Futures and Options

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FIIs continue to sell our markets. Like there’s no tomorrow! Here’s the FIIs in the cash market as we’ve seen recently:

FII Investments

Foreign investors seem spooked about something, we don’t know what. However, their positions in the futures and options market – in terms […]

23 11, 2015

Tax Incentives Have Distorted Our Economy. Remove Them and We’ll Win.

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I went on a twitter rant about how we deal with incentives:

20 11, 2015

Portfolio Analysis: Our Momentum Portfolio Returned 45% CAGR in Two Years

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This is a post on the Capital Mind Premium Momentum portfolio. This is not available to trial subscribers, since all trades are posted and explained on the Slack channels and later on email. We've come close to two years and wanted to post our results. All trades have been openly announced, and we have our exits also well documented.
19 11, 2015

Karnataka is Hoarding Pulses! Despite Seizing 25,000 tons of Pulses from Hoarders, It’s Disposed of Just 1.5% of the Catch

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So pulse prices have been going up and I get sticker shock everytime I go to buy dal. But apparently I should curse the state of Karnataka for hoarding pulses.

After the imposition of stock limits on pulses, any trader having more pulses than the limit will see the excess seized. Karnataka has seized the maximum amount of pulses from traders among states, as per a […]

19 11, 2015

Portfolio: Exits in [Stock] and [Stock] as Momentum Lost

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18 11, 2015

Suckered: Bank Of Baroda Sees a 375 Cr. Fraud And Quietly Takes The Hit, But Who is the Company That Frauded Them?

By |November 18th, 2015|Categories: Banks, Frauds, Suckered|3 Comments

Bank of Baroda has an interesting footnote in the Sep 2015 results:

Fraud in Bank of Baroda

Wow, you think. 375 crores! That’s a lot of moolah to lose in one fraud. But apparently, this was in a bill […]

18 11, 2015

Sellers Also Jump In To Fraud Flipkart As ECommerce Sites Face Another Set of Ingenious Scams

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Flipkart just got gypped by a vendor:

“Ramesh Kumar would order items using fake addresses.Flipkart would pass the order to him. Ramesh would pack cheap items in the boxes of original items and diligently hand it over to the delivery boys, knowing fully well that the items would return undelivered as the addresses were fake. When it returned, Ramesh would claim that he had packed the original items […]

17 11, 2015

Charts: India’s Average Daily Trade Volumes Fall To Lowest In Four Years

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Indian trade falls for yet another month as things look really bleak. The Trade Deficit was very low and that’s the good news:

India Exports and Imports

But the problem, as you can see is that both our exports and imports are near […]

17 11, 2015

Portfolio: That Poly Film Maker Exits and a Sugar Stock Walks In; Returns at 73% p.a.

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17 11, 2015

Portfolio Sees Dishman Exit in a Hurry as Customer Clovis Loses 70% Market Cap in the US

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Portfolios […]

16 11, 2015

What is FATCA and Should You Care That It’s Not Really A Weight Loss Program?

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The US has new act: the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) which will allow it to strong-arm foreign financial organizations (like mutual funds or banks) to report to them all of the financial dealings of US taxable entities outside the US.

The US taxes all its citizens on worldwide income even if they are non-resident. Meaning, if you are a US citizen living in India, you have to report […]

16 11, 2015

Chart: Nifty’s Aggregate Profit Growth Goes Negative, For Three Consecutive Quarters of Contracting Profits

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The NSE’s Nifty has 50 companies. That index is the top 50 companies in India by market-capitalization (technically, free-float market cap, meaning shares that aren’t owned by the promoters)

If you add up the revenues and profits of these companies, and you compare the aggregate numbers with the aggregates of the previous year (of the same companies), you see how the performance is of the Index as a whole. Given […]

16 11, 2015

Premium: Don’t Panic-Sell Based on Terrorism Fears, See What Happened To Nifty In 2008

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15 11, 2015

Portfolio: While Markets Fall, This Stock Makes A New High

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