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26 04, 2016

Axis Bank Reveals Its Bad Loans Are Likely To Triple In Three Years in a Special Watch List

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Axis Bank Results
Axis Bank
has revealed in its results today that seem shocking. For one, their profit fell for the quarter – a decline of about 1% year on year. For the full year, they were able to show a growth of 12% on EPS though, but much of that is because of the previous quarters.


25 04, 2016

Charts: Software Exports Fell 20% in March, Even as Jeweller Strike Rescues Rupee and Trade Balance

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The whole trade situation continues to suck. I mean big time.

India’s merchandise (physical goods) trade deficit narrowed to the lowest in nearly 5 years, at a tiny $5 billion for the month of March. However, this is largely because of the sudden drop in Gold imports, as Jewellers were on strike for most of March. The budget in 2016 introduced a clause requiring jewellers to pay 1% excise duty and […]

19 04, 2016

Banning Surge Pricing Doesn’t Change Anything For Uber or Ola Drivers

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Our last set of articles on Uber and Ola got some serious attention – the Economics of Using Uber in India and the Counter Arguments.

Since then things have seen sudden changes:

18 04, 2016

The Simplified Version of Why TCS has to Pay Epic $940 Million For Stealing Data

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TCS has been fined $940 million – around Rs. 6300 cr. at current USD to INR levels – for stealing documents belonging to Epic Systems. This includes punitive damages of $700 million, above a regular fine of $240 million.

Let’s simplify the case for you:

14 04, 2016

Portfolios: We Add Two More Outliers to the Momentum Portfolio

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As markets go berserk again, our Momentum Outliers show two more encouraging entries.


13 04, 2016

Guest Post: Kaveri Seeds Update Part 3, The Royalty Mess Continues

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In two posts earlier, our guest Ravi Duggirala has mentioned about the issues at Kaveri Seeds. This one is a follow up. Please read:

Ravi Duggirala is a budding value investor and an ardent admirer of Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger and Prof Sanjay Bakshi. (Full Bio Below)

Ministry of Agriculture has issued a notification last month fixing the maximum […]

11 04, 2016

Six Years of Nothingness: The Nifty or Gold, Adjusted for Inflation, Have Been Lousy Investments

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Let’s take the Nifty.

Let’s assume you invested Rs. 10,000 in it in 2000. Now Rs. 10,000 could have bought a certain set of items then.

Then the Nifty grew, and grew, and grew. So did the cost of the items you could have bought with that Rs. 10,000.

So today that Rs. 10,000 is Rs. 62,428. If you reinvested all the dividends you received also.

But in terms of the same purchasing power, […]

11 04, 2016

Macronomics: Forex Reserves Hit A High After March, But Rupee Depreciation Looms Over The Horizon

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Macronomics Header New

In Macronomics today:

• Forex reserves rise to $360 billion, the highest ever, with over $13 billion added in March 2016 alone

• Rate of growth is however less than 5% year on year


8 04, 2016

Portfolios: Adding [Stock]

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6 04, 2016

The RBI Policy: More Money Printing Needs Banks To Get Nimble Fast

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The RBI, in it’s policy yesterday(April 06, 2016), reduced rates by 0.25%. The new rates are:

  • The Repo rate is 6.5% (from 6.75%)
  • The Reverse Repo rate is 6% ( up from 5.5%)
  • The MSF drops from 7.75% to 7%.

The idea is both to reduce rates and the corridor of rates (which used to be 1% – Reverse repo was 1% below, MSF 1% above)

RBI policy april 2016[…]

6 04, 2016

RBI Policy: Why Will The RBI Buy Bonds or Dollars And Infuse Liquidity?

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Things the RBI did today, in simple words:


5 04, 2016

Portfolios: Quick Update on Momentum as we Exit One and Enter Another, and our Options Positions

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Two more changes on the Momentum portfolio today, as RBI policy and global markets lead a 2% fall in the Nifty:


5 04, 2016

Premium: What We Think Will Happen In The RBI Policy

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RBI comes out with the monetary policy at 11AM. Here’s a quick note on what we think will happen.

P.S. These notes reflect our views prior to the policy being revealed by the RBI on the 5th of April, 11 am. We also have a detailed explanation of what the actual April 5th policy updates mean for the economy in general. Click here for our detailed Policy Breakdown.


4 04, 2016

Momentum Portfolio: We Add [Stock] As Footwear Stocks Surge

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