20 01, 2011

Naukri Shows 40% EPS Growth in Q3 FY11

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Naukri (InfoEdge) showed some growth in the Q3 results.

Naukri Results

Revenue grew 28% over last year, to 75 crores, and profits grew over 40%, as did EPS. So where did they spend lesser? Turns out nearly 3 crores lesser […]

30 04, 2010

InfoEdge Results: EPS down 4%, Stock Up 4%

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There is only one rule for the NAUKRI stock. If they announce bad results, the stock goes up.


For the last two years, the Trailing Twelve Month EPS has been between 20 and 23 and it is now near the low of the range. The profits […]

29 03, 2010

Links for 29 Mar 2010

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It’s one of those days I have too much to read, so…

1 02, 2010

Info Edge (Naukri) Results: Another Down Quarter

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Info Edge released it’s December 2009 quarter results:


A little disappointing in terms of growth, because they’ve stagnated in a way. True, the industry has been in a sorry state of affairs, but the hiring situation was supposed to be good last quarter and either it’s not, […]

13 12, 2009

InfoEdge: No EPS Growth, But Great Stock Price!

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Info Edge (NAUKRI) continues to astound me. They’re literally flatlining EPS for the last six quarters, and yet, command a P/E of 35!

To talk less and show more, here’s a graph of their revenues, stock price and PE/EPS comparison.

(Click for a larger image)

27 07, 2008

InfoEdge Q1 09 results out

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Info Edge’s Q1 09 results are not very encouraging. They have grown EPS from 4.27 to 4.75, a y-o-y growth of 11.25%. Further a very large amount of money – 88% – comes from recruitment alone.

Their other sites include the matrimonial portal JeevanSaathi.com, real estate portal 99acres.com, other sites like brijj.com and shiskha. All these are losing money, though top lines seem to be growing. In fact they are […]

25 12, 2007

Info Edge May Issue 500 cr. FCCBs

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Info Edge, the owner of Naukri.com and Jeevansathi.com is looking to issue upto Rs. 500 cr. worth of FCCBs for a new portal, Shiksha.com, and for further acquisitions.

I have been fairly negative on the stock in the past but it looks like the market has decided I am stupid. The share has zoomed from Rs. 320 offered in the IPO to a high of Rs. 1600 recently, […]

4 05, 2007

Info Edge Q4 – A mathematical error?

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InfoEdge has announced it’s 4th Quarter 2007 results:

Like earlier, they seem to have their mathematics wrong. This time they note an annual revenue for 2006-07 at Rs. 147 cr. and a net profit of Rs. 27.08 cr. The number of shares they have outstanding, is 2.7295 cr. shares.

My high school mathematics tells me Earning per share […]

31 10, 2006

Info Edge (India) IPO : Too Many Questions.

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Info Edge India Ltd. has an Initial Public Offer (IPO) going at a price of (between) 290 and 320 Rs. per share. The company is better known for its portals: Naukri.com, JeevanSathi.com and 99Acres.com. The offer document contains a lot of data and makes me ask a few questions I believe are relevant to my analysis of the issue.

But first, the basic details: The issue is […]