The Biggest Venture Capital Sector Investment in India is…


Looking at Venture Capital in the last few years you would think the biggest investment in India would have been in Infotech, or in services (like Flipkart) or even in telecom.

But strangely, the biggest investment as a percentage has been Real Estate.

Since 2007, Venture Capital Investments in Real Estate have beaten others by a large margin, and as of December 2012 were nearly at Rs. 10,000 cr. (about 30% higher than the next sector – Telecom).

Here’s an interactive graph by Capital Mind’s Data Division (current only employee: Me). Hover over labels to see values. Click on the legend to deselect items (so you can remove all except telecom to see the trend in the telecom sector).

Chart courtesy the nvD3 library.

If you can’t see the image above, here’s a static one for you:


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This is cumulative, so no fresh investments have come into the sector in a while, though. But it tells you – It’s not just Indians that are obsessed with Indian Real Estate!


  1. Telecom Investment does not appear to be correct.
    In the Nov’12 auction Telenor bid for around 4000 Cr worth of spectrum. With payment schedule they would have forked a sizeable chunk in Q4’12, Graph does not reflect any such bumps….

  2. Hi Deepak,

    I thought that VCs will invest whenever they see potential upside. If they see upside on the RE side, they will invest, there is nothing wrong in that or being obsessed about it.

    And as RE has slown down in last 2-3 years , data does not show any fresh investment. Hence this data shows that VCs are smart and have stopped investing when they don’t see upside.

    Tought data is useful, I fail to understand, do you want to convey something else.


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