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Movers and Shakers

It’s now two months into 2014, and some stocks have gone all ballistic on us while we weren’t atching. Here’s a quick look at the biggest and smallest of them.

Note: we have a filter; that stocks should not be in the "illiquid" category and should, in our opinion, not be a manipulated penny stock. We will still miss some gems but when gems are plentiful, we won’t crib about completeness.

First, the large caps.

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  1. I guess you must have lost atleast 20% readers to the site..against which are you getting high number of Premium readers ???
    was just analyzing the feasiblity of blog business in India.

    • Haven’t lost that many on the Free version, honestly. Page views and uniques are around the same, with Feb being marginally lower than Jan because it’s a 28 day month.

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