IIP for April 2014 at +3.36%, Manufacturing Comes Back!


The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) for April 2014 came in at a nice +3.36%.


Manufacturing bounded back big time with +2.6%, the best figure since July 2013. Electricity grew nearly 12% on more production. And Mining kept its head above water at +1.2%.



And the use based indexes:


Basic and Capital goods did really well, with Capital Goods up 15%. Consumer goods, both durables and non-durables, did badly. The demand has moved to industry. This is good because there is a lot of idle manufacturing capacity that needs to be used.

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A positive report, and the IIP has gotten more reliable recently. Let’s see how the market takes it (tomorrow).


  1. I thought +3.36% was a fairly good enough number to cheer the market but the lackluster performance tells a different story. Probably markets are treading a not-so-comfortable zone! Your views?

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