Video: How the Economic Machine Works, by Ray Dalio


An awesome Video by Ray Dalio (HT Srikanth Thunga) that speaks about what the economy is based on: Credit, short term debt cycles and long term debt cycles. Ray Dalio is the founder of Bridgewater Associates, a mammoth hedge fund.


Every Indian should watch this, especially the “deleveraging” section. Japan went through this in the 1990s. The US saw it in 1930s and then 2008 onwards. When will India see it?

My guess: within the next five years. Hopefully it will be a “beautiful” deleveraging.

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  1. Hi Deepak, Thanks Nice video i have forwarded it to my niece who is in 10th class and my take is that Property prices will be further down in next 5 years. Am i right? Regards

  2. Hi, Deepak,

    Nice video. Can you write an article and chart based on this video where we “the Indian Economy” on the “long-term debt”?


    • sorry,

      it should have been…
      …based on this video where “is the present state of the Indian Economy” on the “long-term debt cycle graph”?


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