Capital Mind Premium has a new, shiny 100+ page analysis of the Auto sales and production data, in the format of our Sparkplug Report.

We have the February 2016 Sparkplug Report(a teaser) for you today, with Production, Domestic Sales and Exports analysis.

What you will see in the report:

Charts of each company’s production, domestic sales and exports, compared to last year, for the first eleven months of the year. We have divided this into sections for:

• Two wheelers
• Three wheelers
• Passenger vehicles (Cars, SUVs)
• Commercial vehicles (Trucks, Buses)

In this Indian automotive industry report, We summarize each section as a whole in the beginning and then provide charts for each company.

All data is sourced from SIAM. Charts are by Capital Mind.

If you are investing in the Indian automobile industry then it’s a no brainer to grab a copy of this Sparkplug full report. 

Capital Mind Premium Subscribers get the complete report on a monthly basis. But, now you too can get a copy at an awesome price. Go ahead and grab a copy now. You can purchase the report by using the below link.

Once the payment is confirmed, the digital e-book(PDF) will download to your system.

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