Watch Deepak Shenoy unravel financial jargon through the use of simple Excel formulas that will help you understand when you’re being suckered into a deal. We explain in a simple and easy way, and hope you’ll take away some of the key aspects of managing your own money without getting drawn into bad products.

What We Cover

  • Don’t chase returns, chase discipline: Why you should not focus on the “where to invest” mantra.
  • What does it really mean when someone says you put in Rs. 100,000 per year for 10 years and we’ll give you back 20 lakh rupees after 15 years?
  • Don’t get fooled: Don’t let your bank tell you that you can borrow 10K and only pay back Rs. 1.1K per month for 10 months means a 10% interest – it’s a loan at 21.25% ! This and much more.
  • What would a 1 crore be of value in 20 years? How does that even relate to you today? Excel to the rescue.
  • Get Smarter Returns: How much money will you lose by choosing a Regular Plan over a Direct Plan when investing in Mutual Funds?
  • Saving A Little More: Small daily savings can have a significant impact on your investments. How much? We’ll show you.
  • How to calculate Cashflow from the products like money-back policies, using Excel.

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The Excel Spreadsheet

And also here’s the Excel file as a google spreadsheet. You can download it as an Excel file and use it locally.


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