October witnessed an Net Inflow of Rs. 32,334 crore against Rs. 16,071 crore in September, 2016 and an outflow of Rs. 134,564 crore in October, 2015.

Debt Funds: Massive Flows Outward

  • Investor purchases zoomed by 43% from Rs. 73,311 crore to Rs. 104,791 crore – highest in 19 months.
  • Redemptions were lower by 38% compared to September, 2016 at Rs. 52,666 crore – the second highest since April this year.
  • Which means the Net Outflows were at a 19 months high of Rs. 52,125 crore (nearly 4 times the avg. monthly purchases of Equity Funds).



Equity: Great Month, But Investors Uninterested

  • After 2 continuous month highs, Gross Purchases for the month of October came down to Rs. 18,303 crore compared to Rs. 20,042 crore in September, 2016 a drop of over Rs. 1,739 crore.
  • Redemptions were not extra ordinary at Rs. 8,869 crore but were down 50% compared to September, 2016.
  • Net Inflows stood at Rs. 9,434 crore – highest in the past 16 months and levels of April, May and June 2015.



Balanced Funds: Inflows Pick up

  • Net Inflow for October, 2016 stood at Rs. 3,385 crore – the highest since December, 2015.
  • Slow to catch up with purchases of Rs. 4,192 crore – a 3% drop compared to Rs. 4317 crore in September, 2016.



The Big Data Chart: Inflows, Outflows and Net flows

  • Redemptioms across Funds were not at their highest while only Debt Funds purchases touched a 19 month high.
  • 7th straight month of positive net inflows for Equity Funds and 19 month high in net inflows for Debt Funds.


Source: AMFI -> Research & Information -> AMFI Monthly

We cover the monthly report covering the sales and redemption/ repurchase data of Mutual Funds in India. This will be a regular feature going forward.

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