We bring you our monthly report on the automobile sales for the month of January, 2017. You can catch all the January Sales here. You can also find all the coverage in relation to the automobile sector here.

Force reported its disappointing Q3 financials. Revenue stood at Rs. 716.05 crore against Rs. 839.84 crore during the same time last year. Net Profit was down 4 crore or to Rs. 23.25 crore from Rs. 27.31 crore.

Its vehicle sales for Q3 stood at 6,867 units against 8,402 units during Oct-Dec 2015 the same time last year and 6,456 units during Oct-Dec 2014.

Force reported sales of 2,353 units in January, 2017 against 2,549 units during the same time last year resulting in a contraction of 7.7%.

YTD sales stood at 25,830 units against 25,770 units resulting in a flat growth.

Realizations stood at Rs.135.66 crore for 2,353 units in January, 2017 against Rs. 137 crore for 2,310 units in December, 2016. Avg. realization per unit fell to Rs. 5.76 lakh from 5.93 lakh sequentially.

Note: Sales numbers presented here are manufacturer reported sales numbers i.e. factory dispatches to dealerships. They are NOT retail sales figures to end customers.

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