Here is our monthly report covering the sales and redemption/ repurchase data of Mutual Funds in India. You can catch the previous edition here.

January 2017 witnessed a Net Inflow of Rs. 53,817 crore against Rs. 10,923 crore in December, 2016 though both Sales and Redemption were on the higher side.

Total Inflow stood at Rs. 1,616,205 crore against an Outflow of Rs. 1,562,388 crore.

Debt Funds: 45% drop in Redemption

  • Fresh purchases made by investors grew 22% sequentially from Rs. 70,480 crore to Rs. 86,027 crore.
  • Redemptions were lower 45% sequentially at Rs. 57,439 crore against Rs. 103,662 crore.
  • This resulted in a Net Inflow of Rs. 28,588 crore against a Net Outflow of Rs. 33,182 crore in December, 2016.

Equity: Lowest Net Inflow since September 2016

  • Fresh purchases made by investors fell by a timid 3% sequentially from Rs. 18,217 crore to Rs. 17,614 crore.
  • Redemptions were higher by 57% at Rs. 12,734 from Rs. 8,114 crore last month.
  • This resulted in the Net Inflow lower than witnessed in December, 2016 at Rs. 4,880 crore from Rs. 10,103 crore.

Balanced Funds

  • Smallest ownership of all the funds, redemptions grew by 204% from Rs. 551 crore to Rs. 1,657 crore while investments growth was limited to 11% from Rs. 4,498 crore to Rs. 4,979 crore.

The Big Data Chart: Inflows, Outflows and Net flows

  • A repetition of April, July and November, 2016 when all the funds witnessed a Net Inflow.
  • Liquid/ Money Market Funds witnessed its highest ever redemption in 22 months at Rs. 1,487,175 crore though even purchases were at a 22 months high at Rs. 1,497,716 crore.

Source: AMFI -> Research & Information -> AMFI Monthly

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