Here is our monthly report covering the sales and redemption/ repurchase data of Mutual Funds in India. You can catch the previous edition here.

February 2017 witnessed a Net Inflow of Rs. 30,273 crore against Rs. 53,817 crore in January, 2017 – a fall of 43.75% with sales from new schemes and existing schemes at Rs. 13.70 lakh crore (a fall of 15.20% from Rs. 16.16 lakh crore) while Redemption which were lower 14% at Rs. 13.40 lakh crore.

Debt Funds: 36% drop in Purchases

  • Fresh purchases made by investors fell 36% sequentially from Rs. 86,027 crore to Rs. 55,219 crore.
  • Redemptions fell 23% at Rs. 44,355 crore against Rs. 57,439.
  • This resulted in a Net Inflow of Rs. 10,864 crore against a Net Outflow of Rs. 28,588 crore in January, 2017.

Equity: 18% growth in Purchases but Redemptions were also higher

  • Fresh purchases made by investors increased close to 20% from Rs. 17,614 crore to Rs. 20,832 crore.
  • Redemptions stood at Rs. 14,370 from Rs. 12,734 crore last month.
  • This resulted in the Net Inflow higher than witnessed in January, 2017 at Rs. 6,462 crore from Rs. 4,880 crore.

Balanced Funds

  • While fresh purchases witnessed a 15% jump from Rs. 4,979 crore to Rs. 5,737 crore, Redemptions fell 30% from Rs. 1,675 crore to Rs. 1,175 crore.

The Big Data Chart: Inflows, Outflows and Net flows

  • A repetition of the previous month wherein all the schemes witnessed a Net Inflow.
  • After hitting the highest ever redemption in 22 months, Liquid/ Money Market Funds levels went back to November, 2016 both in Purchases and Redemptions.

Source: AMFI -> Research & Information -> AMFI Monthly

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