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Charts: Merchandise Trade Revives, Service Exports Disappoint

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Nifty Gaps and future Returns

The Inefficient Market Hypothesis: Ballarpur Edition

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On Slack: A Paradox, Calling Bullshit, Early Signs of El Nino, Finance Theory on Fed Hikes, Narrow Range Day, Salad-Making Robots, Shale Oil and more….

On Slack: Automating Decisions, Chasing Stocks, Inflation Targeting, Instant Cash-Out, Odd Forecasts, Retail Inflation, The Fed Delivers and more….


Now Free: How Other Funds Handled The Ballarpur Debt Default, and Why You Need To Exit Some Of Them

Premium: Making Money From The Stupidity of ETF Investors?

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Fake News in Stocks: Of Signal, Noise and Bias


Cadila Healthcare US FDA Inspection of Baddi – Form 483 Revealed


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