With The End of Tourist Season, Airlines Passenger Growth Comes Short At 15.7%


We bring you the “Domestic Airlines Report Card for India” for the month of February, 2017. We take a look at the Number of Passengers carried, Market Share of Each Carrier, Passenger Load Factor and others. (Here is the Report Card for January, 2017).

Passengers Carried and Market Share

The total number of passenger carried during the month of February, 2017 stood at 86.40 lakh compared to 74.76 lakh during the same month of the previous year. This resulted in a growth of +15.57% (YoY).

Indigo added 3 new destinations with flights being introduced to Madurai, Amritsar and Mangalore.

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Indigo’s passenger traffic stood at 34.19 lakh compared to 27.54 lakh during the same month of the previous year. This resulted in a growth of +24.15% (YoY).

Passenger Load Factor

Passenger load factor, or load factor, measures the capacity utilization of public transport services. It is generally used to assess how efficiently a transport provider “fills seats” and generates fare revenue.

Only Air India and Trujet has a Passenger Load Factor lower than 80% with Indigo falling behind from 90% to 87.7%.


The overall cancellation rate of scheduled domestic airlines for the month of February, 2017 has been 0.4%. The Overall cancellation rate is generally influenced by bad weather, unfavorable flight conditions, low visibility, conditions at airports etc.

1 in 3 cancelled flights were due to bad weather.

This is how the Cancellation Rate has been over the past 12 months:

Source: Directorate General of Civil Aviation (India)

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