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Note to trial members: StratOptions uses options to generate income every month. We target 2-3%, and we have been running it since December 2015. Experimentals are stock option strategies we run from time to time. This and much more are discussed on our member-only Slack channels, and you can subscribe now to get access! (Use code CM2017 for 10% off! Discounted price comes to only Rs. 1,499/mo)

We’ve had a fun time trading experimentals on Slack. Regulars will remember the high risk strangle in TCS in January that yielded about 2.5% in a couple days. The idea is to play on High implied volatilities due to the uncertainty, and the IV then dies after results.

Two big experimentals this time were with Infy and TCS. The strangles gave us 5% and 3% on capital allocated, within a few days. Here’s the complete list, which shows a return of over 16% in about four months.

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Stock options are inherently more risky. With low IV’s overall, the system isn’t pricing risk properly. However there are some opportunities that come along once in a while, and we will try to work them. The #experimentals channel will keep seeing action.

Note: This is super risky. It’s not meant to be safe, and requires some devoted time to execute and track.

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