Bond Baba: How To Tender Your MPhasis Shares, and a 34% Return on Buybacks in One Year



The Mphasis Buyback is here! Remember, in February we mentioned this 13% buyback opportunity (Read post) where the Mphasis buyback at Rs. 635 was super-attractive especially given the small retail shareholding. This has taken three months now, and it’s looking good – about 70% of your shares will be accepted for sure, and we expect that you will see a 100% acceptance if you tender all your shares.

Many of you have received a mail from the registrar. It’s an email id named “clientservice” and you could have missed it (check spam). The email id is

They give you a tender form with some fields filled in (according to your Demat DP Id and Client id). What do you do now?

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