Earnings Report: 20 of Nifty100 Companies Show 7.95% Growth in Net Profit Q4FY17, Annual Growth at 5.25%


Q4 Results are out! As the Nifty 50 companies line up to disclose their performance report, we bring you a summary of their results along with the schedule of the results to come.

Nifty 100 Companies FY17 Results for the year ended March 31, 2017

The Standouts:

  • Ambuja Cement showed a 94.43% growth in Net Profit along with an revenue growth of 84.86%.
  • UPL saw its Net Profit grow by 69% and EPS by 84%
  • Nifty 100 companies cumulative Revenue grew 13.45% while the Net Profit grew 5.25%

Nifty 100 Companies FY17 Results for the quarter ended March 31, 2017

This is just 20/50 – and the big guys who generally seem to lose money will announce only later.


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  1. This is fantastic to see and the simplicity in presenting these numbers appeals to me immensely! Great job, have not appreciated these kinds of workman-like posts but super important. My appreciation!!

    Only request might be to add a column and identify the particular stock as large cap, mid-cap or small cap. and, if we want to go further, we can perhaps separate out the entire report in that manner.. this will allow us to find out really what is the rev/profit/EPS growth in each capitalization category… i can finally find out if my mutual fund investments in these categories are performant or not…

  2. Dear
    Can u provide sectorial monthly returns as you shared nifty monthly returns (Month & Year wise)

    Plz provide your contact no….

    Thanks & Regard

    Muzaffar Ali
    Financial Market Analyst (Certified Technical Analyst)
    P.G.D.B.F (A.M.U),MBA,NCMP,CMT(Pursuing)

  3. Hi,

    The Nifty uses the last four trailing quarters of declared results for calculating EPS growth.

    By using this method, EPS growth for Axis Bank would be -20.32% instead of -52.82%.

    In your future articles, could you also show the EPS growth for the last four trailing quarters

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