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We are removing Canara Bank from our DivYield portfolio. The place is vacant, we will be adding another stock soon.

Canara Bank has just given a dividend of Rs 1 in last 17 months. This doesn’t fit in with the rationale we follow of maintaining a Dividend Yield portfolio. While the Dividend in itself has been disappointing, we can find some solace in the fact that the stock has given a return of 57% since the stock was added to our Portfolio.

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Overall, the Dividend Yield portfolio has returned 44.24% in last 17 months! That is something to Cheer.

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Note: This is not portfolio advice. Consider this a very risky portfolio and proceed at your own risk. At Capitalmind Premium the reason we have a portfolio is to demonstrate our commitment to our analysis, and we track it closely. It is not meant to be a recommendation for anyone in particular, primarily because we don’t know your risk profile.

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