The Interactive Big Whales Report!

A Big Whale is a large investor. We get data of investors who own a large stake (greater than 1%) in listed companies. We accumulate this data, and list the top investors of the lot in the Big Whales Report, with the companies they have invested in, and what they are buying or selling.

We have for you created a curated report on the holdings of 35 Big Whales in the Indian Stock Market. These investors consist of both individual and investment management firms.

This report is free for Capitalmind Premium Subscribers. Access the full interactive report here. You will need to be logged in to Capitalmind Snap.Some Highlights

Among the interesting things that happened were:

  • Dolly Khanna bought into RAIN industries and SHREYANIND
  • Ashish Kacholia nearly doubled his investment in LOKESHMACH
  • Azim Premji cut stake in HCG and JYOTHYLAB, but bought into CROMPTON and SHK
  • and much more, in our interactive report!

Our View

These shareholding patterns are about six weeks old and things do change over time. But since the Big Whales have such large positions, the very fact that they are adding or removing stocks from their portfolios can give you an indication of what they favor or do not. Typically such individuals have enough wealth to not need to exit stocks for liquidity – it’s usually their need to exit a stock or sector that drives sales. A similar argument can be made for entries as well.

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Disclosure: We may have advised some of the stocks as part of our premium portfolio’s and have market positions in them. Please assume we are biased.

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