The Nifty was totally flat in June, just as it was in May:

And for 2018, we are actually up 1.7%.

But the broader market – the CNX 500 – was down 1.6% and is at a negative 3.5% for the year.


This has been a year of contradictions for the market. The major index is concentrated in a few stocks, and they have contributed more to the gains of the Nifty than any of the others. All mid- and small-cap funds have negative returns in 2018, and most funds are now down over 9% for the year.

Meanwhile, we’re up about 1.7% for the year on the Nifty, and here’s how things have panned out in previous years till June.




For the sake of people who follow the BSE, here’s the Sensex:

Now, tell them about it: