The Nifty’s ended the financial year well, with a 7% gain and a solid move on the index. We usually post this as a chart regularly and have missed out on it the last few months.

This time the Next 50 also rallied more than 6%.


What’s next? Another 10% rally?

Markets are mad. But we need to be really careful about them – there is no real need to panic buy in advance. But given the euphoria around elections, the sentiment that’s driving markets up will provide a good fillip to your portfolios as well. The rising tide that lifts all boats.

This time though it doesn’t seem lousy. The Next 50 is flat for 2019 and was a negative 9% in 2018. So there’s enough room for a move up as well. It’s just that the Nifty looks like it’s heading for the moon and the stars, if it’s not there already. Markets can be irrational for a long time, though, so no reason to act in panic either in buying or in selling. Let’s hope we don’t get a big red box this year!

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