We Are Capital Mind Team - Welcome!

Who Are We?

We are an action packed team with diversified skillsets but working towards a common goal. Our main aim is to provide investment guidance to beginners in financial markets and as well as contributing to the knowledge of more experienced investors. The journey had been exciting, giving us so many opportunities to learn, correct ourselves as we move ahead.
We are a team of 7 members who analyse, write, curate, design and publish detailed information on Indian stock markets and other financial segments. Each one of us come with varied skills – so the end product that you read, learn, watch on the site is amalgamated and is the combined effort of one and all. Deepak Shenoy is the team leader who drives and directs the team in attaining the goals.

What Do We Do?

We analyze Indian financial sector and connect the dots which, most of the times are quite ubiquitous but hard to gel together. We not only connect the dots, but write on them in-depth. We work together to give our readers that deep understanding of what’s happening in the markets and also write on various macroeconomic conditions that affects us all. Our analysis is rich and gives our subscribers those AHA! moments which many other sites do not provide. We also write 3-5 premium posts on a weekly basis which have a ‘members only’ access. These premium posts are toppings on the pizza that everyone loves to eat, ahem, read, understand and digest in order to apply the analysis in their own findings. Trust us, People love these posts so much that we had to create an entire new section – List of all Premium Posts. Go ahead and take a look. We also create webinars, How To videos, explain our technical analysis, answer questions on Twitter and Slack and do AMA(Ask Me Anything)s as well. You can subscribe to our mailing list which is followed by more than 5,000 people on a daily basis.

What Our Users Say About Us?

Amazing platform, informative content, knowledgeable members and gold mine for an new investor learning his way around the markets.  – Vinod

Macronomics! By far the most important section for me. Helps me relate macro events and derive investment ideas. Your data mining skills are superb! – Prasad

“Amidst the myriad financial planners/advisors/wealth-managers, Deepak Shenoy and Capitalmind stand-out like a beacon of honesty and integrity steadfastly serving the agenda of no one but the investor community.
Deepak has always made full disclosures, is passionate about libertarian economic principles and has been a lone warrior for close to a decade now. Aside from maybe moneylife, Capitalmind is the only financial service that can claim to be by the investor, of the investor and for the investor. – Ayon

This is a wonderful initiative and I’ve learnt a lot being part of this group. I have a busy schedule (not related to equities) which restricts the amount of time I can spend on reading and research on stocks. But going through the conversations in the group I can quickly focus on what’s happening in the market and what I should be doing. This has made me take quicker decisions and be a more proactive investor. – Vinod

Capital Mind is the best place for all things related to finance. A power house of information, research, analysis and above all a super bunch of people. When I receive information and analysis from CM, I know its only that – and not an activity meant to push a financial product for monetary gains. I wish the CM team all the very best and may you always do justice to the trust being reposed in you by the users. – Vyas

If you are lost in the money markets and no where else to go, this is the place to be. You will get everything with complete rationality not just tips or tricks. One will have a complete make over. Kudos. – Amit

It has been an awesome experience. As a subscriber to the basket of services provided by Capital Mind, I benefited immensely by getting news, information, views, deep analysis and very useful recommendation. I simply loved the experience (thank you for that) and I wish Deepak and his team great success in future. Of course I would want the party to continue with regular quality stuff for subscribers. Most of all, I like the honesty in your work and that makes me trust you. – Vimal

Team Behind Capital Mind

We are a group of individuals from diversified talent pool, namely
  • Financial Analysis
  • Programming
  • Investment expertise
  • Marketing expertise
  • Social Media Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Data Mining
Deepak Shenoy

Where is Capitalmind?