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What are ‘Bond Yields’? A Video

We have created a 9-minute video to help you understand what ‘Bond Yields‘ mean and how they are related to Bond prices in the markets. The key points to take away from this video are:

What are ‘Bonds’? What are…

The Inflexion Point for the IT Service Industry (Long)

This is a long post. It’s meant as weekend reading, and I would love to hear your thoughts: deepakshenoy at or comment on this page. I’ve written too much, but I’m sure I’ve not written enough. 

Indian traditional IT …

Oh Wait, Maybe the Taper is Back On?


The central bankers will never ever have enough. Bernanke said yesterday that rates will stay near zero even after a taper, which wasn’t supposed to happen now. But James Bullard, chairman of the St. Louis Fed, says that the …

Germany and US Bring Good News That Seems to be Bad News


Two things that are important to note are in the headlines today.

First, Germany showed a record high export surplus in October.

Germany dispatched €54.8bn in goods to other EU member states in September, but received only €48.2bn in …

Off Topic: Don’t Undermine The Mission to Mars

Balaji Viswanathan has a great post on Indian Space Mission, Poverty and Closet Racism, on how western journalists have portrayed India’s recent Mars mission launch as something terrible because we have all this poverty. And I agree with his point …

Russian Online Lender Tinkoff Gets a $3.2 Billion Valuation


Tinkoff Credit Systems, a credit card lender I’d mentioned earlier (Man Wins Credit Card Court Case When Bank Didn’t Read What It Had Signed) has, it seems, gotten its reward in a blockbuster IPO.

Oleg Tinkov’s bank has no …

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