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Earnings Growth led Rally or a Valuation led Rally?

In September of 2013, the BJP selected Narendra Modi to become the Prime ministerial Candidate for the forthcoming elections. This was no surprise given that he had just a few months back won a fight against the party patriarch to …

Does the Retail Public Buy Falling Knives?

Flipkart has what it calls “The Big Billion Dollar Sales”. Amazon calls it “Great Indian Sale”, Brick and Mortar businesses give away discounts in the name of everything from New Year to Diwali.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is …

Premium: Banking Sector of FY 2018

In India – the economy which has become a rising beacon of growth among the investors, but the supporting wheel of its economy, the banking sector has been struggling with non-performing assets. Even the 2008 global financial crisis was unable to make a dent on Indian Banking sector, where banks had one of the lowest NPA during those times. But at the current juncture Indian banks are among the top distressed banks in the world. At this point, when most of us have been pondering over whether the worst is over for the banks, we thought we will bring a composite report of all banks on their financial health and see how their financial health is.

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