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Budget 2018: Some Interest in Disinvestment But Net-Zero Real Impact


When India attained Independence, there were very few industries to speak about that could provide the growth and employment that India required. The Industrial Revolution which revolutionized Europe completely bypassed India and other colonies.

This translated to India being reduced …

Long Term Capital Gains Tax is Back in Budget 2018

LTCG Tax Budget 2018
We now have Long Term Capital Gains taxes on Stocks. This is perhaps something the market was expecting, and it's come. As expected, gains till now are not taxed, only gains from now onwards will be. At 10%.  And Securities Transaction Tax will still apply. It may sound unfair but that's how it is.

Budget 2018: The Rural Side of the Budget, and It’s Huge

This budget has been focused on developing the rural landscape. Increased allocation for rural spending is seen, with  more stress on the  agrarian families livelihood.  In the year 2018-19, for creation of livelihood and infrastructure in rural areas, total amount …

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