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Focus on Portfolio, Not on Stocks

Manpasand wasn’t a stock that found pasand among investors in recent days with the stock over the last 3 days falling by 50%. Thanks to the concept of price freeze in stocks which aren’t either part of the Index or …

Guest Post: A value investor’s experiment with momentum

This is a guest post by Anoop Vijaykumar. Anoop is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser and writes about equity investing at thecalminvestor.com. Follow him on twitter @CalmInvestor

Labels. On clothes, they are a shortcut to understanding everything of significance. Where …

Abeyaar #2: Book Value

In today’s Abeyaar, we’ll try and look at a phrase knowledgeable people keep talking about: Book Value.

Amar: Oye, what is Book Value?

Akbar: Search for title on Amazon or Flipkart, it will show up. Did you know author gets …

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