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Premium: The Richly Valued Indian Insurers Pay Out More than Half Their Premium Earned In Commissions and Surrenders

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Today, India has around 24 Life Insurance Companies to choose from though only four of them are listed on the stock exchanges. In this post we will be looking at the four listed insurance (HDFC, ICICI, MAX and SBI) players and comparing it with LIC on four different parameters. The parameters include Premium, Commission, Claims and Persistency .

Fundas – Understanding the Quality of Earnings

As part of our funda series, in this post we try and decipher the quality of earnings that companies post. Lot of emphasis is given on the Income or Profit and loss (P&L) statements as those record the profits that the companies post year on year. A company may be profitable year on year but the question to to be asked is what is the quality of those earnings? What do we mean by quality of earnings and how do we check that? Let us address these questions below

Uncle Theta: The Devil in the Gamma – The Risk of Selling Options Close To Expiry

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There has been a huge interest, recently, in doing the "mad option selling" thing. Some of this involves selling a very large number of out-of-the-money options close to expiry. On the expiry day, or the day before it, you sell a truckload of options just a couple strikes away from the Nifty or Banknifty, and laugh all the way to the bank as the market lets them expire worthless. The problem with this is simple: The devil lies in the Gamma, where a big move on expiry day wipes you out. 

Portfolio: We Exit Three Stocks In Our Long Term Portfolio

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We're now going to exit a few more stocks from the Long Term Portfolio. We understand that there are altogether too many exits recently, but such is the market - and this is a good time to take a deeper look and ask ourselves if the stocks we have continue to be exciting.

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