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Premium: Embassy REIT – Worth It?

Embassy Office Parks has come up with Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).The REIT IPO is first of its kind in India if it goes through successfully. Embassy is planning to raise Rs 4,750 Cr through this IPO. The REIT is for 33 million square feet of office space developed by Embassy group yielding a rental income of Rs 1,500 Cr annually as of Mar-18.

Walk the Talk: Q3FY19 Results and Insights from the Basmati Industry

As part of the walk the talk series, where we look at latest quarterly results and conference call of companies in a particular industry and provide our insights. In this post we look at the latest results of players in the basmati industry.  We had covered about the basmati industry last year over here. It will not be a bad idea to revisit the post to refresh one's understanding of the industry. 

Portfolio: Taking One Exit and Adding 8 More Stocks to DivYield Portfolio

Dividend Yield portfolio is designed for investors who want consistent cashflows for their investments over a period of longer term. Dividend was one of the means of generating cashflows for investors. Thus dividend yield portfolio consisted with stocks which have a track record of consistently paying dividends. Now things are changing, the dividend paying companies have shrunk and more companies are opting for buybacks rather than dividends. We are redsigning the portfolio with more stocks which have buybacks.

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