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Jama-Kharchi and the Conversion of Black to White

For the uninitiated among us (and I am one) it seems there’s this concept called “Jama Kharchi”, which is about converting black money to white. Jama-kharchi , of “accomodating entry” companies which basically make two kind of entities meet:


SEBI Finalizes Angel Fund Regulations

SEBI has notified final regulations for angel funds. I have noted many of these in the past, so for background:

Angel Fund Guidelines: Helps the Superangels, Keeps Out Smaller Investors Startups in Budget 2013: A mixed bag Why do you…

Jagan-Srinivasan Enquiry Explains the Startup Tax

When the CBI investigated BCCI Chief N. Srinivasan’s company, India Cements, they seem to have uncovered why the “Startup Tax” was introduced in the budget. (Read Full Set of Posts) The company invested in companies owned by Jagan Reddy, son …

FREE E-Book: The Startup Tax in India

I consolidated material from all the posts on the Startup Tax in India and put it into an easy-to-download E-Book (PDF). I hope you like it! 

Edit: The content in the ebook is relevant even in 2016. Let us know …

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