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What we offer


Capitalmind has a bunch of portfolios just for you:

  • Long Term for those who can wait,
  • Momentum for those who can’t
  • Dividend Yield if you’re looking to generate income over time.
  • Stratoptions, our options strategies
  • Regular Buyback opportunties
  • Occasional themes, like the EV Portfolio or one for the Monsoon.

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Premium Content

In-depth, actionable articles on the most important stories in business and finance, and our exclusive newsletters:

  • Macronomics on the big picture
  • Uncle Theta for options
  • Bond Baba for fixed income analysis

We publish 2-4 premium articles per week, and you’ll find them rich in detail and written in simple and easy-to-understand format. Over 600 archived articles are available for you, immediately when you join.

Stock & Sector Research

Stocks are where Capitalmind excels at analysis. From technical, to fundamental to quantitative strategies, we look at stocks through different prisms and bring you the best we can find. We look at stocks in detail, regularly in our “Taking Stock” section. Much of our analysis happens through tools we expose to you as well in Capitalmind Snap, so you learn to do-it-yourself too!

Snap: Our Technology Platform

We have an awesome platform for you at Capitalmind Snap! There’s so much out there:

That and much more will come to you FREE, as a Premium member.

Tools and Tutorials

We regularly do tutorials and webinars for premium members:

  • A three-part tutorial on Buying Bonds Online
  • LearnTA: Our primer on Technical Analysis
  • Videos on how to allocate, manage and grow your money.

You can access Archives when you sign up! And we constantly build new tools, some of them open source, to help you.

Vibrant Community

Capitalmind on Slack is where the daily action happens. We take pride in our diverse and always helpful member community which includes value investors, fund managers, and professional traders. Since the channels get very rich at times, we archive all the channel discussions. You’ll find many golden nuggets here! Slack discussions are informal yet deep and insightful. They often lead to very useful decisions on investing and trading.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I pay by bank transfer?

Of course! Please use the following details:

Name: Wizemarkets Analytics Pvt. Ltd.
Account Number: 258861051210 (Current Account)
Branch IFSC Code: INDB0000166
Branch: Indusind Bank, Malleswaram, Bangalore

Just email us at once you have paid so we can manually create your premium account

2. Do you provide tips? Can I buy based on your advice?

In one word: no. Please do not treat anything at Capitalmind Premium as investment advice. Capitalmind Premium does not provide any recommendations of securities. However, you may choose to consider our content as one input in your decision making process. While we may talk about strategies or positions in the market, our intent is solely to showcase effective risk-management in dealing with financial instruments. This is purely an information service and any trading done on the basis of this information is at your own, sole risk.

1. Can I get a refund after I subscribe?

Short answer: We don’t offer refunds.

Longer answer: We offer access to our content during the trial period, except for portfolio details and the community on Slack. If you would like to see any old post, please mail contactus [at] and we are happy to provide it. When you subscribe, you get access to all the portfolios, so we can’t provide refunds. Please mail us for any details you may need before you purchase.