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Capital Mind is looking for you! We build great stock market analytics products and content. With  [tooltip title=”Join Us And Watch This Number Grow!”]5,000+ Users and Growing[/tooltip], Capital Mind is [tooltip title=”Other people tell us this!”]an admired, loved and trusted[/tooltip] source of information on India’s financial markets.

Capital Mind is a fast growing financial technology startup in Bangalore. We build a great subscription-based analytics subscription product which has a wide customer base in India and abroad. We are looking for key people to join our core team.

We build technology and analytics on stock markets in India, and macroeconomic concepts. Our in-depth analysis gives us TV coverage (CNBC-TV18, ET Now and Bloomberg regularly feature us, almost every week) and we get a lot of twitter and facebook love as well. And while we’re working hard to build the greatest financial technology startup we’ve seen, our team isn’t complete yet.

It’s time for you to change that.

Look though the job openings below and let us know if you’d like to join.

What we need:

You’ll need to have experience building the above – at least enough of them. And a passion to learn what you haven’t done already.

You’ll need to be happy in a fast paced entrepreneurial setup.

You will need to be able to write clearly and with your passion flowing through. Remember though, that we are in a regulated space – so while our performance may be good, we can’t promise returns or risk guarantees; and you will be required to work within those parameters.

You’re going to be challenged, both by us internally  and by our customers and investors externally. Sign up for it knowing there will be pressure.


What we can provide:

We think you’ll love to be part of this team, so if you do:

We’re waiting to hear from you!

We are looking for an awesome person to join us as our core Javascript developer.

Here’s what you’ll do:

Skills you will have:

What we can provide:

We don’t care which college you went to. Or didn’t go to.

We don’t care how many years of experience you have.

We only care if you’re passionate about your work. If you likestock markets, that would work very well. We love it if you carry strong opinions, as long as they’re held lightly enough to change if the facts change. We love learning from failure and aren’t fazed by it. We are very flat as an organization, though you will sometimes see a few of us in suits which makes us also cringe.

We think you’ll love to be part of this team, so if you do:

We’re waiting to hear from you!


The Capital Mind team has the best in financial content, technology and engineering. We do a lot with a focussed team, and we learn as we grow. Lean and highly energetic is the way to go!

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