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2019/04/26Premium: The High Priced Stock Portfolio Review & RebalanceIn 2017, we introduced a strategy of building a portfolio of stocks that was …2019-04-26 16:59:42
2019/04/22Macronomics: High Capacity Utilization = A New Capex Cycle?In Macronomics today, we will check something that came from the RBI recently – …2019-04-22 19:06:58
2019/04/16Portfolio: Adding A Bank To Multi Cap PortfolioPublic Sector Banks have been a strict no-no for investors since NPAs started to …2019-04-16 12:39:40
2019/04/05Taking Stock : A Deeper Look at PSP ProjectsAs part of our taking stock series in this post we take a deeper …2019-04-05 11:29:31
2019/04/01Portfolio: Changes to the Momentum Portfolio – April 2019After spending a few months in the wilderness of a draw-down that seemed to …2019-04-01 18:00:33
2019/03/29You Can Harvest Losses to Save Some Capital Gains Taxes, Last Day TodayWe wrote about loss harvesting in our premium post by Bond Baba: Harvest those …2019-03-29 15:03:27
2019/03/27Macronomics: The RBI Swap Explained: Of Liquidity and a Much Cheaper Dollar HedgeHere’s a quick explanation of the RBI Swap that has recently been announced. First, …2019-03-27 20:18:21
2019/03/18Premium: Embassy REIT – Worth It?Embassy Office Parks has come up with a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). The …2019-03-18 11:51:10
2019/03/15Walk the Talk: Q3FY19 Results and Insights from the Basmati IndustryAs part of the walk the talk series, where we look at latest quarterly …2019-03-15 15:09:07
2019/03/09Portfolio: Taking One Exit and Adding 8 More Stocks to DivYield PortfolioDividend Yield portfolio is designed for investors who want consistent cashflows for their investments …2019-03-09 11:15:15
2019/03/06Walk the Talk: Conference Call Insights from the Auto Manufacturers – Q3FY19As part of our  Walk the Talk series started last quarter, we look at …2019-03-06 08:00:04
2019/03/05Portfolio: Changes to the Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio – March 2019Every first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that …2019-03-05 19:04:17
2019/02/27Premium: The Rise of Index Funds in India, And How You Can Take Advantage Of ItThis post is going to be about something really boring: Index funds.  We have …2019-02-27 10:08:09
2019/02/22Walk the Talk: Conference Call Insights from the Tyre Industry – Q3FY19As part of our  Walk the Talk series started last quarter, we look at …2019-02-22 15:58:03
2019/02/19We Add a Telecom Stock to our Long Term Multicap PortfolioWe tend to see markets overvalue and undervalue companies all the time. The crowd …2019-02-19 23:09:11
2019/02/19Q3FY19 Earnings Report : Results in the Long Term Multicap PortfolioAPL Apollo came up with Q3 results last week and had a conference call …2019-02-19 13:21:35
2019/02/13Fundas : Understanding Operating LeverageLeverage amplifies the profitability of companies. First thing that comes to mind when one …2019-02-13 18:45:13
2019/02/12Q3FY19 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Multicap PortfolioBalkrishna Industries (BKT) had announced its results last week and had a conference call …2019-02-12 12:29:29
2019/02/08Macronomics: Credit Data Shows A Potential Industrial Revival and Green Shoots on GrowthIt’s been a while since we’ve looked at the macro. What bank credit data …2019-02-08 07:11:26
2019/02/07Q3FY19 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Multicap PortfolioNOCIL had announced its Q3 results last week and had a conference call yesterday. …2019-02-07 17:03:28
2019/02/04Portfolio: Changes to the Capitalmind Momentum Portfolio – February 2019Every first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that …2019-02-04 20:10:01
2019/01/29Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Godrej Consumer ProductsAs part of our taking stock series in this post we take a deeper …2019-01-29 18:42:15
2019/01/21Premium: By The Numbers – Why L&T’s Buyback Was Rejected, And Why It Isn’t Such A Big DealL&T had announced a huge buyback – of Rs. 9,000 cr. – of the …2019-01-21 19:00:28
2019/01/17The Capitalmind Guide to Tax Saving ELSS Fund for 2019It’s that time of the year when the focus is back on “Saving Taxes”. …2019-01-17 18:01:21
2019/01/14Annual Report Review : KRBLIn our first annual report review for 2019, we look at KRBL in this …2019-01-14 19:34:29
2019/01/10Premium: An Expensive Bandhan Buys An Expensive Gruh. Is the Combined Entity Attractive?Bandhan Bank, built out of the performing Microfinance company, is now buying a small …2019-01-10 22:06:51
2019/01/07Portfolio: We cut down our Cash and Buy into New Positions in Momentum PortfolioEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part …2019-01-07 19:39:58
2019/01/03Fundas: Understanding Financial Ratios – Part 3 : ValuationIn continuation to our financial ratio series, in this post we look at the …2019-01-03 16:12:14
2018/12/20Uncle Theta: The No-Downside Strategy for 2019 – Nifty Returns if it Rises, No Loss if it FallsWe’ve been talking about our “No Downside Strategy” for a few years now. Basically, …2018-12-20 20:30:56
2018/12/19Fundas: Understanding Financial Ratios – Part 2: Leverage and ProfitabilityIn continuation to our series on Ratios, in this post we will look at …2018-12-19 19:48:45
2018/12/14Fundas : Understanding Financial Ratios – Part 1One of the most important task that a fundamental analyst undertakes while analyzing companies …2018-12-14 16:27:34
2018/12/12Bond Baba: A Quick Look at Buybacks – MPhasis, Tata Investments, Bosch and SKFBond Baba has been looking at various buybacks, and while we haven’t participated in …2018-12-12 20:56:26
2018/12/10Annual Report Review : Thermax LimitedIn continuation to our annual report review series in this post we analyze the …2018-12-10 14:57:12
2018/12/05Bond Baba: Reviewing the Fixed Income Portfolio and Adding Gilt ExposureDid you know that one of the oldest bond funds, Birla Income Plus, has …2018-12-05 18:38:10
2018/12/05Walk the Talk: Conference Call Insights from the Tyre IndustryAs part of our new series, “Walk the Talk: Industry Insights From Conference calls”. …2018-12-05 06:47:55
2018/12/03Portfolio: Replacing 3 Stocks and Adding 8 More in Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part …2018-12-03 17:32:54
2018/11/29Walk the Talk: Two Wheeler Auto Industry, Concall InsightsWe are bringing in a new series, “Walk the Talk: Industry Insights From Conference …2018-11-29 18:43:34
2018/11/22Taking Stock : A Deeper Look at NOCILAs part of our taking stock series, in this post we analyze NOCIL Limited …2018-11-22 16:00:33
2018/11/16Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at L G Balakrishna BrothersAs part of our taking stock series started in 2017, in this post we analyze L  …2018-11-16 20:03:42
2018/11/15Macronomics: Green Shoots and Why We Think Interest Rates Are Likely To Fall in 2019The macro is never important until it is. Right now, there’s some fear in …2018-11-15 08:00:06
2018/11/06Portfolio: Replacing 8 Stocks and Removing 5 More In Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part …2018-11-06 11:19:36
2018/11/03Premium: Housing Finance Firms and the Liquidity Crunch in Commercial PaperHousing Finance firms have been at receiving end in the aftermath of the ILFS …2018-11-03 11:31:10
2018/10/30Annual Report Review : Jamna Auto Industries LimitedIn continuation to our annual report review series in this post we analyze the …2018-10-30 17:30:52
2018/10/24M&A Update : Looking at APL Apollo’s Recent Acquisition There was an announcement by APL Apollo on 18th October, 2018. Read the detailed …2018-10-24 16:10:36
2018/10/18Bond Baba: How To Build a High Yield Bond Portfolio Using Retail Bonds in Crazy TimesBond Baba’s been hyperactive. Because things in the bond market are berserk. Yields have …2018-10-18 11:00:14
2018/10/10Annual Report Review : TV Today Network LimitedAs part of our new initiative of reviewing annual reports, in this post we …2018-10-10 10:30:23
2018/10/03Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Bata IndiaAs part of our taking stock series started in 2017, in this post we …2018-10-03 16:00:09
2018/10/02Portfolio: Replacing 6 Stocks and Removing 10 In Momentum Monthly Rejig  Every first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form …2018-10-02 11:15:15
2018/10/02Premium: Adding a Stock to the Long Term Multicap PortfolioThe recent correction in the markets has given us an opportunity to look at …2018-10-02 10:30:56
2018/09/26Macronomics: Understanding the Mad Market Move, Liquidity and Margin Pains  Here’s a bit of the stuff that’s been impacting the market. We’ll try …2018-09-26 20:53:59
2018/09/25Portfolio: We Exit [Stock] From Our Long Term PortfolioWe are moving out of Motherson Sumi in Multicap Long Term Portfolio (long term …2018-09-25 11:15:11
2018/09/15Premium:The IL&FS Downgrade and How To Navigate Debt Funds That Hold Its BondsBond markets seems to be in rough times. With the dollar at 72 and …2018-09-15 10:06:32
2018/09/13 Annual Report Review : Parag Milk Foods LimitedIn continuation to our annual report review series, in this post we review the …2018-09-13 11:00:45
2018/09/10Premium: Introducing the Long Term Large Cap PortfolioAt Capitalmind, we currently run 4 portfolios : Long Term Portfolio which is a …2018-09-10 08:00:37
2018/09/04The Fear of Losing Margins: Balkrishna’s Fall on Capex PlansBalkrishna Industries is down over 15% in a few days on the back of …2018-09-04 19:23:20
2018/09/04Portfolio: Replacing 3 Stocks and Adding 3 More In Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part …2018-09-04 11:30:29
2018/08/29Premium (Unlocked) – Annual report review : Balkrishna Industries (BKT)As part of a new initiative we will review annual reports of companies. Annual …2018-08-29 12:13:17
2018/08/29Portfolio: Adding Fifth Tranche of EV PortfolioWe have completed four tranches of buying into the electric vehicle portfolio. And today …2018-08-29 11:20:08
2018/08/25Bond Baba: A Bank Bond That Gives 9.8%, Better Than Its Own Deposits, or Bond Funds?In Bond Baba today we ask you one question: Do you like FDs? Okay, …2018-08-25 17:51:06
2018/08/24Q1FY18 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Portfolio – Part 1The season of Q1 results has almost come to an end and results are …2018-08-24 11:11:51
2018/08/21Fundas: Understanding the PE Ratio, and a Model To Make Sense Of ItAs part of our funda series in this post we cover the Price to …2018-08-21 12:07:30
2018/08/10Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Snowman LogisticsAs part of our taking stock series started in 2017, In this post we …2018-08-10 11:00:42
2018/08/09Premium: A Set of Stocks That Are Likely To Benefit From A Growing Rural EconomyIndia despite the advances we have seen in Manufacturing and Services, remains a country …2018-08-09 11:11:43
2018/08/07Portfolio: Replacing 7 Stocks and Adding One More in Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part …2018-08-07 11:15:33
2018/08/06Premium (Unlocked): Analyzing the Returns of the Momentum Portfolio at CapitalmindWe have some interesting insights from two strategies that focused purely on Price Momentum …2018-08-06 12:12:26
2018/07/27Premium: Buybacks are back! DB Corp Shows Some PotentialThere’s some movement in the buybacks. But it seems that the trade is getting …2018-07-27 10:32:29
2018/07/19Premium: The Richly Valued Indian Insurers Pay Out More than Half Their Premium Earned In Commissions and SurrendersFor decades, Insurance in India meant only one thing – Life Insurance Corporation of …2018-07-19 12:59:00
2018/07/11Fundas – Understanding the Quality of EarningsAs part of our funda series, in this post we try and decipher the …2018-07-11 15:36:08
2018/07/03Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Safari IndustriesThis is part of our Taking stock series started in 2017, In this post …2018-07-03 13:21:37
2018/07/02Portfolio: Replacing 5 Stocks and Adding 4 More In Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part …2018-07-02 18:19:24
2018/06/29Premium: Banking Sector of FY 2018In India – the economy which has become a rising beacon of growth among …2018-06-29 18:17:37
2018/06/20Uncle Theta: The Devil in the Gamma – The Risk of Selling Options Close To ExpiryThere has been a huge interest, recently, in doing the “mad option selling” thing. …2018-06-20 13:48:27
2018/06/15Q4FY18 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Portfolio – Part 4In continuation with the analysis of the Q4FY18 results, here is the fourth part …2018-06-15 19:56:53
2018/06/14Portfolio: We Exit Three Stocks In Our Long Term PortfolioWe’re now going to exit a few more stocks from the Long Term Portfolio. …2018-06-14 11:10:17
2018/06/12Portfolio: Adding Fourth Tranche of EV PortfolioToday we will be adding fourth tranche of EV portfolio. This portfolio has been …2018-06-12 16:46:30
2018/06/12Q4FY18 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Portfolio – Part 3In continuation with the analysis of the Q4FY18 results, here is the third part …2018-06-12 16:32:56
2018/06/11Premium: The Additional Surveillance Measures on Stocks And The Opportunities It BringsThere’s a new deal in town: The Additional Surveillance Mechanism (ASM). This is a …2018-06-11 11:30:02
2018/06/07Q4FY18 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Portfolio – Part 2In continuation with the analysis of the Q4FY18 results, here is the second part …2018-06-07 11:00:57
2018/06/06Premium: Adding a CV OEM to Long Term PortfolioWe now add a company in the Long Term Portfolio after a long hiatus. …2018-06-06 10:43:05
2018/06/05Portfolio: Replacing 11 Stocks in Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part …2018-06-05 11:30:54
2018/06/04LongTerm Portfolio: We Exit [Stock] After A Rough Year of ResultsWe are exiting TNPL in the Long Term Portfolio at a return of only …2018-06-04 12:23:05
2018/05/29Fundas: Understanding the Price to Book (P/B) RatioIn this post lets try and understand the Price to Book ratio also commonly …2018-05-29 20:25:22
2018/05/23Portfolio: Exiting Couple of Stocks and Moving Some to HoldWe are seeing a lot of volatility in the market Elections coupled with increasing …2018-05-23 14:20:50
2018/05/22Premium: The Economics of the Basmati Industry  In this post we will cover the Basmati industry in India. Topics that …2018-05-22 18:06:02
2018/05/16Q4FY18 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Portfolio – Part 1The season of Q4 results has almost come to an end and results are …2018-05-16 18:05:28
2018/05/15Fundas: Self Sustainable Growth RateIn our funda series, we bring in a term that’s not often understood: The …2018-05-15 11:00:26
2018/05/07Portfolio: Replacing 10 Stocks in Momentum Monthly Rejig  Every first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form …2018-05-07 20:39:33
2018/05/07Premium: How the Reclassification of Equity Mutual Funds Impacts You: HDFC and ICICI FundsThis is in continuation with our earlier post titled “How the Reclassification of Debt …2018-05-07 18:00:17
2018/05/05Fundas – Understanding Revaluation ReservesIn this “Funda” post, we shall try to understand the term: revaluation reserve, a …2018-05-05 11:00:36
2018/05/03Bond Baba: How the Reclassification of Debt Mutual Funds Impacts You: HDFC and ICICI FundsThere have been too many funds. HDFC has more than 30 schemes, and then …2018-05-03 17:13:08
2018/04/30Premium: The High Priced Stock Portfolio: One Year Returns at 33%, and the 2018 PortfolioA year ago, we at Capitalmind tested and showcased a concept of Investing – …2018-04-30 10:47:29
2018/04/26Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at APL Apollo Tubes LtdAs part of our Taking stock series started in 2017, In this post we …2018-04-26 19:56:11
2018/04/26Portfolio (Unlocked): We Exit Supreme Petrochem From the Long Term Portfolio for 3x in Three YearsWe are exiting Supreme Petrochem in long term portfolio. The stock has gone to …2018-04-26 11:53:38
2018/04/16Premium (Unlocked): Fundas: Cash Flow – The Truth About ProfitThe importance of Profits getting converted to Cash What happens when accounting profits are …2018-04-16 11:30:48
2018/04/14Uncle Theta: SEBI Gets Physical on SettlementsUncle Theta is back after a long while to talk about the changing regulatory …2018-04-14 09:00:46
2018/04/10Fundas: Decoding the ROE – Part 2This is a two-part post on a fundamental concept called the Return on Equity …2018-04-10 11:30:07
2018/04/07Fundas: Decoding the ROE – Part 1 This is a two-part post on a fundamental concept called the Return on Equity …2018-04-07 17:00:22
2018/04/05Portfolio: Replacing 7 Stocks in Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that form part …2018-04-05 11:16:14
2018/04/02Buybacks Go Sour. But It Gives Us A New Idea For The Long-TermThe buyback scene has been rough for us recently. After a lousy deal on …2018-04-02 18:12:43
2018/03/28Premium: CANSLIM Approach to Finding Quality Stocks – Part 2This is a two-part series. Here is the second part.  In continuation to our …2018-03-28 11:30:13
2018/03/27Premium: CANSLIM Approach to Finding Quality Stocks – Part 1This is a two-part series. CANSLIM is a techno- fundamental method of picking high …2018-03-27 11:30:47
2018/03/23Premium: Bond Baba Whispers – You Can Harvest Losses and Save Some TaxIt’s coming close to the end of the financial year, and we have Bond …2018-03-23 17:54:00
2018/03/17Premium: Should You Sell Because of the Long Term Capital Gains Tax on April 1?Should you sell shares now due the long term capital gains tax coming from …2018-03-17 17:00:34
2018/03/14Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at GNA AxlesIn continuation to our Taking Stock series started in 2017, In this post we …2018-03-14 11:30:24
2018/03/11Premium: The Big Whales Report for the December Quarter is Here!The Big Whales Report for the December quarter is out! (Click here) There are …2018-03-11 09:05:36
2018/03/06Earnings Report: Q3FY18 Results in Long Term PortfolioWe have four more results for you in this quick post. These pertain to …2018-03-06 11:30:15
2018/03/06Portfolio: Replacing 8 Stocks and Adding Two More in Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that …2018-03-06 11:12:55
2018/03/02Earnings Report: Q3FY18 Results in Long Term PortfolioWe have five more results for you in this quick post. These pertain to …2018-03-02 11:10:50
2018/03/01Earnings Report: Results in Long Term PortfolioWe have four more results for you in this quick post. These pertain to …2018-03-01 11:30:52
2018/02/27Portfolio: Adding Third Tranche Of EV PortfolioThis is a quick note on the buying of a new tranche in the …2018-02-27 11:10:09
2018/02/26Premium: Bond Baba Regrets a Failed Buyback From Overambitious EntryWhile the buybacks we’ve targeted have done well so far, the last one was …2018-02-26 10:49:57
2018/02/24Earnings Report: Results in Long Term PortfolioIn continuation to the earnings report sent last week, we analyse results of four …2018-02-24 16:30:39
2018/02/21What Hurts If Arb Funds Unwind? The Budget Impact, Part 2In our Previous post, we took a look at the impact of the changes …2018-02-21 11:05:11
2018/02/17Earnings Report: Results In Long Term PortfolioThe season of Q3 results has almost come to an end and most of …2018-02-17 22:02:10
2018/02/13The Budget Hits Mutual Funds, Part 1: Balanced FundsThis is a two part series on the impact of the new taxes on …2018-02-13 10:00:18
2018/02/06Portfolio: Amid Volatility We Replace Six Stocks in Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that …2018-02-06 11:10:25
2018/01/31Portfolio: We Exit Some Positions in the Momentum PortfolioThe Momentum portfolio only trades once a month. But in the light of heavy …2018-01-31 18:28:46
2018/01/31Premium: A Look at the Dairy Industry – Part 2In the first part of this series we examined the Dairy Industry in India, …2018-01-31 09:00:16
2018/01/29Portfolio: We Exit [Stock] From Our Long Term PortfolioThe long term portfolio has seen a good return last year (see post). We …2018-01-29 16:05:34
2018/01/28Premium: That Complex Tata Steel Rights IssueThere’s a rights issue in Tata Steel. If you own shares, you can buy …2018-01-28 10:29:36
2018/01/26Premium: A Look at the Dairy Industry – Part 1The ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Indian Dairy Industry This is a two-part report on the Indian Dairy Industry …2018-01-26 11:10:39
2018/01/23Premium (Unlocked): The Performance of the Capitalmind Premium Portfolios in 20172017 was a good year for the financial markets. Save for a few, almost …2018-01-23 10:47:40
2018/01/17Bond Baba: Is Unichem Buyback Worth a Peck?  Unichem – A specialty pharmaceutical company, specialized in niche therapy areas of cardiology, …2018-01-17 11:06:56
2018/01/15Premium: The Magic Formula To Find High Quality StocksInvestors use various ways to select stocks, some of them are –  top down, …2018-01-15 11:25:40
2018/01/09Portfolio: We Exit One Stock and Add Six More In Momentum Monthly RejigEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that …2018-01-09 09:03:35
2017/12/29Taking Stock: A Deeper Look Into GAILIn a new series for 2017, we look at analyzing one stock on a …2017-12-29 12:12:40
2017/12/29Premium: Wipro and Infy Buyback Trades Give Us 15% Each Within 6 MonthsWe now officially close the Wipro and Infy buyback arbitrages with a 15% return …2017-12-29 11:01:43
2017/12/19Bond Baba: How Much Do Your Bond Funds Lose When Yields Rise?What happens to bonds when yields rise? Don’t all bonds fall in price? Bond …2017-12-19 20:53:48
2017/12/13Macronomics: The Bond Market Warning You Should Be Aware OfIn Macronomics today, we take a look at what’s happening, quietly, on interest rates. …2017-12-13 10:30:00
2017/12/06Long Term Portfolio: Summary of Q2 FY18 ResultsThe season of Q2 results has almost come to an end and most of …2017-12-06 17:39:46
2017/12/04Portfolio: We Exit [Stock] From Our Long Term PortfolioWe are exiting Mcleod Russel at Rs 210. The idea behind buying this stock …2017-12-04 18:40:40
2017/12/01Premium (Unlocked): The First Year of a New Momentum Portfolio Gives Us 64%So here it is. We now celebrate the first anniversary of our new Momentum …2017-12-01 12:30:42
2017/11/29Portfolio: Adding Second Tranche Of EV PortfolioThe EV portfolio has given a phenomenal run of 32% since it started on …2017-11-29 12:55:32
2017/11/23Premium: Wipro Gives Us That Buyback Juice Again – Bond Baba Looks At 8% For Next MonthTwo of our buybacks get back to active mode. Remember, we exited Wiproearly at 302. …2017-11-23 09:19:57
2017/11/17Premium: Uncle Theta Creates Another Strategy To Protect Downside for 2018, and a Past ReviewIt’s one of those times when you would have loved a no-downside strategy. Don’t …2017-11-17 13:30:38
2017/11/13Premium: Bond Baba Ditches a Buyback Midway in Frustration But Gets 5% in 4 monthsWe’re sick and tired of Wipro. No, really. We thought it would be a …2017-11-13 10:55:58
2017/11/07Portfolio: Momentum Monthly Changes Replaces Eight Stocks & About 20% In 5 MonthsEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that …2017-11-07 11:55:06
2017/11/03Portfolio: We Exit [Stock] From Our Long Term PortfolioSometimes you have to let a stock go even if you feel that there’s …2017-11-03 12:12:51
2017/10/31Macronomics: Agri Estimates Among Three Reasons Why Long Bonds Are In TroubleIn the stock market, no one’s worried about anything. Apparently, it doesn’t matter that …2017-10-31 10:30:04
2017/10/26Taking Stock: A Deeper Look Into Meghmani OrganicsIn a new series for 2017, we look at analyzing one stock on a …2017-10-26 13:25:27
2017/10/25Mad Momentum: Using Outliers To Build an Experimental Portfolio for 22% in 2 monthsWe started something strange recently. You know the Outliers? We like the outliers. We find …2017-10-25 20:03:20
2017/10/19Uncle Theta With The New Stratoptions: Capitalmind’s Tool for Awesome Option TradesStratoptions is what we at Capitalmind call the options trading strategy. The idea is …2017-10-19 06:38:00
2017/10/12Portfolio: EV Portfolio Up By 37%, Adding More StocksThe EV Portfolio has run phenomenally with a 37% return at a portfolio level …2017-10-12 11:35:09
2017/10/11Premium: The IEX IPO Throws Light on Holding Company DiscountsThe Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) has an ongoing IPO. The price is Rs. 1650 …2017-10-11 11:07:09
2017/10/09Premium: How Attractive Are Those Government Gold Bonds?We had a question on Slack by Udbhav:  Can we design Tax-free income by …2017-10-09 10:57:48
2017/10/04Portfolio: Momentum Monthly Changes Replaces Four Stocks, and a Performance UpdateEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that …2017-10-04 10:45:42
2017/09/30Bond Baba: Now, A Preference Share That Behaves Like A BondIt’s been a while since we’ve spoken of bonds, and today we’ll explore stuff …2017-09-30 12:11:03
2017/09/22Portfolio: One Month Later The EV Portfolio Gives Us 30%Its one month since we created the EV portfolio. The portfolio is designed for …2017-09-22 11:53:36
2017/09/21Macronomics: The Current Account Deficit Says We Are Even More Dependent on Investment Inflows NowIndia has reversed from a current account deficit which was becoming more and more …2017-09-21 13:30:55
2017/09/19Portfolio: We Add a Credit Service Provider To Our Long Term PortfolioThe long term portfolio has been doing well and after some recent exits, we …2017-09-19 11:01:33
2017/09/13Premium: A Benevolent Tata Sons Gives a Big Profit Jump & Debt Reduction to Tata Chem & Tata GlobalTata Chemicals is in our Long Term Portfolio and it’s about to get a …2017-09-13 12:01:39
2017/09/10Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Vinati OrganicsIn a new series for 2017, we look at analyzing one stock on a …2017-09-10 12:59:09
2017/09/08Premium: [Stock] Growth Propelled By New PlantsThis is a note about a change in the Long Term portfolio, by moving …2017-09-08 12:58:49
2017/09/07Premium (Unlocked) – Long Term Portfolio Analysis – A Deeper Look at a 27.5% Annualized ReturnOur longest running strategy at Capitalmind has been our Long Term Portfolio. While it …2017-09-07 15:36:55
2017/09/06Macronomics: Why Did RBI Print Rs. 83,000 cr. To Buy Dollars?Today in Macronomics we consider an interesting point: RBI’s actions on the rupee-dollar, after …2017-09-06 11:01:54
2017/09/05Premium: The Interactive Big Whales Report – Portfolios of Top Investors for Q1-2018!The Interactive Big Whales Report! A Big Whale is a large investor. We get data …2017-09-05 17:00:59
2017/09/05Portfolio: Momentum Monthly Changes a Single StockEvery first Monday of the month, we take a look at the stocks that …2017-09-05 11:15:55
2017/09/04Experiments with Uncle Theta: That STT Option Exercise RuleUncle Theta has had a fun time with an interesting strategy on Thursday. NSE …2017-09-04 14:55:59
2017/09/01Long Term Portfolio: Summary of Q1 FY18 Results.The season of Q1 results has almost come to an end. Most of the …2017-09-01 19:33:46
2017/08/31Premium: US Watchdog Fines Habib Bank $630 Million, DCB Shares Tumble, Whats the Impact?DCB shares took a fresh hit today of 3%. The reason was interesting: it …2017-08-31 22:52:29
2017/08/28Uncle Theta Closes Stratoptions for a Near 3% Return in the MonthThere is an art, it says, or rather, a knack to flying. The knack …2017-08-28 20:06:50
2017/08/22Premium: The EV Portfolio and WatchlistWe have come up with EV portfolio, which is in line with our previous …2017-08-22 19:10:42
2017/08/22Premium: The Electric Vehicle Wave: Analyzing the Battery EcosystemIn continuation of our previous post “Electric Vehicles will be Huge, and Why We …2017-08-22 19:03:33
2017/08/18Bond Baba: Will the Infy Buyback Be Useful for an Arb?We’ve liked buybacks. And we started in July 2016, with total gains of 36% …2017-08-18 10:32:19
2017/08/11Premium: Electric Vehicles will be Huge, and Why We Need an EV Portfolio  This is going to be a long post. Here’s a summary: Electric vehicles …2017-08-11 16:54:19
2017/08/08Portfolio: Momentum Monthly Changes Replace a Whopping 16 StocksIt’s the first Monday of the month, and it’s time to rework the Momentum …2017-08-08 10:08:28
2017/08/02Macronomics: Banks bet on personal loans, but are we seeing a subprime move?A quick look at sector credit today, once again. As of June, 2017, bank …2017-08-02 12:52:14
2017/07/31Macronomics: That Pesky P/E and CAPE Ratio Chart Which Reveals Extreme Valuations at Abysmal Earnings Growth________________________________________________________________________ It’s unfashionable to talk about things like valuations now. The latest Howard Marks’ …2017-07-31 10:50:34
2017/07/28Uncle Theta: The No-Downside Strategy Beats the Nifty By 1% so far________________________________________________________________________ In April we had mentioned a “No-Downside Strategy” on the Nifty. The Momentum …2017-07-28 11:16:17
2017/07/27Portfolio: We Exit Two Stocks From Our Long Term Portfolio________________________________________________________________________ We exit Mahindra & Mahindra from our Long Term Portfolio. Having enterd the stock in …2017-07-27 11:39:20
2017/07/24Bond Baba: These Buybacks Don’t Stop! Wipro Brings a Nice Story For a Low Risk BetThe buyback strategy has been awesome so far. Started in July 2016, we saw …2017-07-24 09:40:48
2017/07/19Macronomics: India’s Financial Stability Report Shows Super-Stress In The Banking SystemWe’ve had an NPA bulge, demonetization, GST, Loan Waivers, Bankruptcy Law, Lower bond yields …2017-07-19 18:57:39
2017/07/18Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Oriental Carbon & ChemicalsIn a new series for 2017, we look at analyzing one stock on a …2017-07-18 11:12:25
2017/07/17Macronomics (Unlocked) : How GST Makes Tax Collectors Out Of All Of Us.Customer: What soups do you have? Waiter: There’s clear soup. And there’s GST soup. …2017-07-17 11:10:21
2017/07/14Premium: Uncle Theta trembles as he locks in gains from the TCS and Infy result playsUncle Theta loves to experiment. He’s had great success with TCS in the past, …2017-07-14 19:13:22
2017/07/13Premium: The Curious Incident of the IDFC Shriram PR ExerciseThere was this big hullaboo on Saturday. The chatter was that there was a …2017-07-13 08:33:12
2017/07/07Portfolio: We like this Plastics Company for the Long Term PortfolioWe are adding a plastic firm in Long Term Portfolio. The firm has increased …2017-07-07 16:06:44
2017/07/06Premium (Unlocked): A Lazy Uncle Theta Gets 1.6% on June Double Ratio Diags“Hamburgers: the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.” – Jules Winnfield, Pulp Fiction “Sideways: the …2017-07-06 18:57:32
2017/07/05Bond Baba (Unlocked) : HCL Tech accepts 2/3rd of Buyback, a 10% Return in 3 monthsThe HCL Tech buyback is complete. Out of every 220 shares, 148 shares have been …2017-07-05 11:05:24
2017/07/04Portfolio: A 2 Stock Rejig in the Momentum Monthly ChangeWe have juggled around two positions for the month of July. Remember, the Momentum …2017-07-04 18:04:21
2017/07/01Premium: The Aditya Birla Nuvo – Grasim Merger Throws Up An Interesting BusinessToday we analyze the Grasim – Aditya Birla Nuvo Merger. There’s a piece in …2017-07-01 10:09:34
2017/06/28Bond Baba: The Buyback on Bonds and How To Tender ThemEarlier this year, we spoke of bonds with put options. In there we spoke …2017-06-28 10:00:25
2017/06/20Portfolio: We Exit Redington and Add A Specialty Tyre Manufacturer To Our Long Term PortfolioWe exit Redington from our long term portfolio today. The vacant spot is filled …2017-06-20 11:15:30
2017/06/19StratoptionsGS: The Open Source Options Analysis ToolkitOptions are complex. And when you do call spreads, or straddles, or in general …2017-06-19 10:16:15
2017/06/16Portfolio: We Exit A Smartcap From The Long Term PortfolioWe exit Pion Distilleries from the Long Term Portfolio. The stock was part of our …2017-06-16 16:57:56
2017/06/16Macronomics: How Banks Resolve NPAs, And Why You Shouldn’t Rush to Buy Bhushan Steel or BallarpurIn Macro today, we’ll speak a little bit about the problems with the banking …2017-06-16 11:36:36
2017/06/09The Long Term Portfolio: Summary of FY17 ResultsWe have a bunch of positions in the Long Term Portfolio and here’s an …2017-06-09 15:13:22
2017/06/08Macronomics: Of Risk Weights, Capital Ratios and the Fuelling of another Housing BubbleThe RBI has reduced risk weights on housing loans. This is going to create another …2017-06-08 19:35:19
2017/06/07Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Premier ExplosivesIn a new series for 2017, we look at analyzing one stock on a …2017-06-07 14:00:52
2017/06/06Premium: The Bonus Stripping Portfolio To Reduce Your TaxesNothing is certain except Death and Taxes, wrote Benjamin Franklin. What if you can …2017-06-06 15:55:34
2017/06/06Portfolio: Introducing The Momentum 2.1 PortfolioHaving exited Momentum 2.0 on the 24-May with 24% in just 6 months [after accounting for …2017-06-06 10:06:19
2017/06/05Bond Baba: The MPhasis Buyback Is Done. We See 36% On The Buyback Strategy in One YearThe MPhasis Buyback is done, and you should have received some money directly in …2017-06-05 10:00:59
2017/06/01Portfolio: Booking 50% Profit In Aegis LogisticsWe sell 50% of the position in Aegis logistics.  While the future is bright, …2017-06-01 20:00:20
2017/05/27Bond Baba: When Should You Sell A Bond?It’s a very difficult thing to sell an investment. Because if it goes up …2017-05-27 11:10:40
2017/05/24Portfolios (Unlocked): We Exit Momentum 2.0 With 24%, Atlanta With 43% – Both in Six MonthsWe started Momentum 2.0 on 21-Nov-2016. In hindsight, we couldn’t have timed the entry …2017-05-24 11:04:39
2017/05/20Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at JHS Svendgaard LaboratoriesIn a new series for 2017, we look at analyzing one stock on a …2017-05-20 12:00:31
2017/05/19Premium [Unlocked]: The Difference Between CAGR and XIRR Returns. How Much Did You Make?Let’s begin by considering this investment illustration… 64K per quarter if you invest only …2017-05-19 11:10:17
2017/05/12Portfolio: Removing Canara Bank From DivYield Portfolio On Low Dividend Yield  We are removing Canara Bank from our DivYield portfolio. The place is vacant, …2017-05-12 19:01:12
2017/05/11Bond Baba: How To Tender Your MPhasis Shares, and a 34% Return on Buybacks in One YearThe Mphasis Buyback is here! Remember, in February we mentioned this 13% buyback opportunity …2017-05-11 11:15:02
2017/05/04Portfolio: The Monthly Reshuffle Moves 7 Stocks in Momentum, Now 24% in Six MonthsWe’ve rejigged the momentum portfolio for May. There’s a good reason to get rid …2017-05-04 15:42:11
2017/05/04Premium: Adding a Demerger Story to our Long Term PortfolioAs part of a demerger story we are building, we like a business that …2017-05-04 15:20:23
2017/05/01Premium: The New Game in Town: The First Listed InVIT by IRB. Our Take.Today we look at one of the new instruments to be introduced to the …2017-05-01 18:30:54
2017/04/29Portfolio: Adding a Chemical Company to Our Long Term PortfolioWe are adding an interesting chemical company to our long term portfolio as it …2017-04-29 15:35:45
2017/04/28Premium: It Pays To Invest in Expensive Stocks“Most geniuses—especially those who lead others—prosper not by deconstructing intricate complexities but by exploiting …2017-04-28 11:22:11
2017/04/27Portfolios (Unlocked) : We Have a 4x Return In Supreme Petro. Moved to Hold + Book 25%We have an action to be taken on the Long Term Portfolio. A stock …2017-04-27 10:24:59
2017/04/25Premium Whatzatt: Buybacks, Experimentals, Portfolio Allocations.The Premium Whatzatt – our Q&A message board. While our premium members get exclusive access to …2017-04-25 18:40:15
2017/04/24Uncle Theta Thanks Boring Results Through Some ExperimentalsNote to trial members: StratOptions uses options to generate income every month. We target …2017-04-24 11:00:12
2017/04/20Make Your Trades Simpler – Use The Capitalmind Kite Cart on Google SpreadsheetsYour idea is to just buy a set of stocks. Maybe you want to …2017-04-20 11:16:51
2017/04/18Portfolio: Adding A Software Firm To The DivYield PortfolioWhat you don’t expect in a Dividend Yield Portfolio? • A 8.5% dividend yield …2017-04-18 10:41:20
2017/04/17Premium: The Strategy to Profit From Bonus IssuesCompanies often find it useful to give bonuses. As companies grow, so do their …2017-04-17 06:00:24
2017/04/10Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Navin FluorineIn a new series for 2017, we look at analyzing one stock on a …2017-04-10 19:09:22
2017/04/09Uncle Theta: The Death of Volatility – How to survive low IVs with Ratio DiagonalsNote to trial members: StratOptions uses options to generate income every month. We target …2017-04-09 15:28:39
2017/04/06Macronomics: Tyres Poised For Growth : Weakening Rubber, Lower Chinese Imports Prove to Be BoonWith MRF hitting an unprecedented Rs 60,000 mark, the tyre industry is back on …2017-04-06 15:21:31
2017/04/05Premium: The No-Downside + Full-Upside Strategy To Counter The Fear of a Big FallNote: This was a Premium post and we’ve made it free! Please do check …2017-04-05 17:44:17
2017/04/03Another Interesting Buyback, Says Bond Baba. Looks Like A Good Year.The arbitrage in buybacks is dying, it seems. Jagran’s buyback – where we though …2017-04-03 14:31:51
2017/04/03Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Phillips Carbon BlackNote 19-Jun-2017: It’s been less than three months and Phillips Carbon Black has run …2017-04-03 11:11:47
2017/03/27Macronomics: The Declining State of Micro finance in UP, Satin Creditcare In Troubled WatersThe MFI sector has been sailing in troubled waters post demonetization. Adding to its woes …2017-03-27 18:34:58
2017/03/24Bond Baba Notes: We Must Sell Bonds Before Maturity For Lower Taxes On Our GainsBond Baba’s going to apologize. We have spoken a lot about how Capital Gains …2017-03-24 17:37:15
2017/03/23Premium (Unlocked): The Capitalmind Guide to Tax Saving ELSS Funds: Which, Why and Even Why Not.This article was published on the 18th January, 2017 exclusively for Capitalmind Premium Subscribers. …2017-03-23 11:05:54
2017/03/22Premium: The Good, Bad and Ugly of Banks – Banking Sector Report [Q3 FY17]Banks are back in action and have been trending lately, out-performing the mainline Index, …2017-03-22 15:24:03
2017/03/20Portfolio Review: Do we have alpha in Momentum?In November of last year, we rejigged our momentum strategy. We started a “Strong …2017-03-20 19:34:47
2017/03/16Premium: Making Money From The Stupidity of ETF Investors?Sometimes you see a Rs. 100 note on the ground. And you wonder, is …2017-03-16 11:32:29
2017/03/14Now Free: How Other Funds Handled The Ballarpur Debt Default, and Why You Need To Exit Some Of ThemUpdate: This post is now free for all users. We sent this to Premium …2017-03-14 12:38:51
2017/03/09Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Sunil HealthcareIn a new series for 2017, we look at analyzing one stock on a …2017-03-09 11:46:04
2017/03/08Portfolio: The March Rejig of the Momentum Portfolio Weeds Out Losers, Rides the WinnersWe’ve had some changes in the momentum portfolio. Apologies for the delayed post! Removing …2017-03-08 18:55:22
2017/03/08Portfolio: The Dividend Yield Portfolio Returns 31% and Gets a 7.2% Yield in 14 monthsThe Dividend Yield Portfolio has been doing well with a 31% return since Jan …2017-03-08 10:51:29
2017/03/08Bond Baba: How Do You Evaluate A Buyback For Arbitrage?For more than a year, we have showcased Arbitrages through buy back of equity shares by …2017-03-08 10:15:45
2017/03/06Macronomics: That Slowing Bank Credit Growth Again…In Macronomics today, we find that banks are hurting heavily on multiple fronts on …2017-03-06 08:34:19
2017/03/02Premium: Markets Are Hot, Where Do We Go Next?Markets have been on a roll for quite some time now even though the …2017-03-02 13:10:07
2017/02/22Portfolio: We Buy Another Lot of the Momentum Portfolio, Replacing Two StocksOn Monday we added the last tranche of the momentum portfolio and did two …2017-02-22 11:02:59
2017/02/21Bond Baba: You Can Use Tax Free Bonds For Tax Loss HarvestingMaking a loss without actually losing money sounds like a good idea, for tax …2017-02-21 17:24:08
2017/02/21Uncle Theta: Introduction to LEAP Options, Part III – Selling Options and Using CollarsIn Part I of this series, we were introduced to the nuances concerning options …2017-02-21 17:22:02
2017/02/17Uncle Theta: Introduction to LEAP Options, Part – IINow that we have a fair understanding of the nuances of what options are …2017-02-17 19:45:24
2017/02/17Premium: How Markets Have Performed At Different P/E RangesIt’s interesting to see how P/E ranges impact longer term returns. If you look …2017-02-17 19:15:47
2017/02/16The Long Term Portfolio: Summary of 3QFY17 Results (Part 2)We have a bunch of positions in the Long Term Portfolio and here’s an …2017-02-16 18:30:41
2017/02/15The Long Term Portfolio: Summary of 3QFY17 Results (Part 1)We have a bunch of positions in the Long Term Portfolio and here’s an …2017-02-15 17:57:38
2017/02/15Uncle Theta: Introduction to LEAP Options, Part – ILong Term Options on the Nifty. These are Long-term Equity Anticipation Securities or simply called …2017-02-15 09:30:57
2017/02/14Bond Baba Tells You About Bonds With Put Options (Buybacks)Bonds are strange beasts. You can have: A bond that pays regular interest (monthly, …2017-02-14 10:27:08
2017/02/10The BuyBack Bonanza and What it Means For A Long Term Shareholder?In the Budget of 1997, the then Finance Minister P. Chidambaram abolished taxation of …2017-02-10 14:30:36
2017/02/10Fixed Income Portfolio: Goodbye Gilt and Dynamic Funds, Hello Ultra Short Terms [Bond Baba]The RBI hasn’t cut rates and bonds have been crushed. How bad is it, …2017-02-10 10:30:43
2017/02/08Macronomics: Solid Case For A Rate Cut, But RBI Is UnpredictableThere’s an RBI policy today. And it’s at 2:30 pm instead of the regular …2017-02-08 12:57:36
2017/02/07Premium Whatzatt: Analyzing Bonds, Active Hedging, LTCG on Stocks.We introduce the Premium Whatzatt – our Q&A message board. While our premium members get exclusive …2017-02-07 10:15:02
2017/02/03These Buybacks are Juicy, Says Bond Baba as We Add Another 13% OpportunityBond Baba has found yet another interesting arbitrage. This time it’s on an IT stock. …2017-02-03 22:31:07
2017/02/02Premium: Will You Be Hit By The Long Term Capital Gains Tax in the Budget?The budget’s been an interesting one. There have been a number of questions raised …2017-02-02 14:04:50
2017/01/31[Uncle Theta] Profiting From Budgets Using Options: A Historical ViewTraders love volatility and what better day to trade than the day of the …2017-01-31 11:01:11
2017/01/24Portfolio: Buying the Long Term Portfolio, and Position SizingWe’ve had a lot of stocks in our Long-Term portfolio. If you’re new to …2017-01-24 13:48:38
2017/01/20Portfolio: Booking Profits in Two Stocks And Adding More of Another Two In Long Term PortfolioWe will be booking profits in two stocks and will be adding more of …2017-01-20 11:22:14
2017/01/19Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Manappuram FinanceIn a new series for 2017, we look at analyzing one stock on a …2017-01-19 18:42:48
2017/01/17Portfolio: Adding Third Tranche Of Momentum 2.0We added third tranche of Momentum 2.0 Portfolio (earlier known as strong stock portfolio) …2017-01-17 13:54:45
2017/01/16Uncle Theta Explores A High-Risk, High-Reward Result Strangle in TCSUncle Theta’s been doing some experimenting. And in the latest, he figured out something …2017-01-16 10:28:21
2017/01/12Bond Baba Likes Yet Another Buyback Arbitrage For Its High Acceptance LikelihoodBond Baba has been bored. Nothing’s happening in the bond markets. Some Reliance Home …2017-01-12 11:15:01
2017/01/11Portfolio: Adding A PSU to DivYield PortfolioStocks in the Dividend portfolio aren’t changed often, but we do add stocks if …2017-01-11 18:51:12
2017/01/04Portfolio: How We Will Shape The Momentum Portfolio in 2017A Very Happy New Year to you all! We’ll have a lot for you …2017-01-04 11:01:27
2017/01/03Portfolio: Rebalancing The Strong Stock PortfolioToday we exit Divislab and add SRF to our strong stock portfolio. We are …2017-01-03 11:13:18
2016/12/23Portfolios (Unlocked) : Capitalmind Performance in 2016 – A Good Year For The Five PortfoliosThe year has been rotten, for the markets overall. The Nifty’s flat. Smallcaps had …2016-12-23 08:56:09
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2016/12/20Premium (Unlocked) : What We Wrote About in 2016Here’s a list of the best things at Capitalmind in 2016. It’s long, it’s …2016-12-20 10:21:58
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2016/12/10Portfolio: Adding A Block Of Infra Into Long Term Portfolio – Part IIIAs the third installment of Infra infusion we will be adding an interesting infra …2016-12-10 09:15:03
2016/12/09Portfolio: Adding A Block Of Infra In Our Long Term Portfolio – Part IIThis is our second installment of our Infra Infusion. In this part we will …2016-12-09 15:43:10
2016/12/08Portfolio: Adding A Small Block Of Infra In Long Term PortfolioThe demonetisation has hit some industries hard. Some auto companies are giving discounts to clear …2016-12-08 13:59:24
2016/12/08Premium: Reflections on StratOptions 1.0 that earned us 27.26% in one yearIn November 2015, we decided we wanted to showcase that market-neutral options strategies can …2016-12-08 10:42:28
2016/12/08Bond Baba: Bond Prices Have Fallen. The Fixed Income Portfolio Needs To Move To Ultra Short TermsBonds got battered today. After RBI said no to a rate cut, bond yields …2016-12-08 10:20:25
2016/12/06Macronomics: Industrial Bank Credit Contracts Even Before Demonetisation, Banks Still Love Real Estate BorrowersToday’s Macro Data isn’t about demonetization. It’s about pre-demonetization. Tomorrow’s the RBI policy and …2016-12-06 10:30:35
2016/12/02Bond Baba Is Pleased With The SRTRANSFIN Bond’s 12% ReturnBond Baba is a happy Baba today, thanks to Shriram Transport Finance. Some of …2016-12-02 14:45:29
2016/12/01Premium: Capitalmind’s Do-It-Yourself Wealth Allocation StrategyA lot of questions have come in about how to allocate money to stocks …2016-12-01 10:58:38
2016/11/28Portfolio: Adding A Healthcare Company In Our Momentum PortfolioToday we add Shilpa Medicare to our momentum portfolio. The stock has been trending …2016-11-28 17:56:09
2016/11/26Macronomics: What is Reverse Repo and How Are Banks Dealing With Too Much Money?The banking system is going through a totally crazy time. People have deposited over …2016-11-26 09:00:40
2016/11/25Portfolio: Buying More in Long Term, Averaging DownToday we make a few small additions to the Long Term porfolio. We add …2016-11-25 20:31:21
2016/11/24Portfolio: Adding another PSU Firm Into Momentum PortfolioMarkets are volatile and most of the stocks are down. But Hindustan Zinc has …2016-11-24 19:55:07
2016/11/23Bond Baba: Those Long Bond Funds Gave Us a 24% Return, And It Might Just Last LongerBond baba is back and quite happily so. Fixed income is the new equity. The recent …2016-11-23 17:41:25
2016/11/23Introducing the Strong Stock Portfolio: 30 Stocks That Show PromiseAre markets down? Yes. Are markets going to stay down? Probably for the short …2016-11-23 10:55:49
2016/11/18The Long Term Portfolio: Summary Of Q2 ResultsWe have a bunch of positions in the Long Term Portfolio and here’s an …2016-11-18 21:00:43
2016/11/18Macronomics: How Much Does India Use Cards Versus Cash? A Data SummaryHow much of India’s Liquid Wealth is in “Cash”? We all know that the …2016-11-18 20:00:24
2016/11/18Portfolio: We Add This PSU Firm To Our Momentum PortfolioToday we add REC to our momentum Portfolio. This was the only stock we …2016-11-18 18:25:23
2016/11/16Premium: The Strategy To Buy Stocks When Everything Is FallingInvesting in markets like this is scary. Because everything’s moving! Today we’re going to …2016-11-16 22:00:25
2016/11/16Portfolio: We Add A Chemical Company With Low P/E To Long Term PortfolioToday we add Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals into our long term portfolio. The company …2016-11-16 19:59:54
2016/11/15Macronomics: The Dangers of a Rising US Rate and the Loss of Indian Trust in Rupee NotesWe just just had a perfect storm, or something close to it. Trump became …2016-11-15 10:16:45
2016/11/15Bond Baba: What Demonetization Will Do To The Bond MarketBond Baba is quite happy with this demonetization thing. Or whatever they call it because …2016-11-15 10:16:42
2016/11/11Premium: Resetting The Momentum Portfolio, Closes Three Years at 34% CAGRIn this crazy market volatility we decided to exit all positions in Momentum. The …2016-11-11 16:48:29
2016/11/08Premium: Why Are So Many Companies Doing Share Buybacks?There have been an enormous number of buybacks recently. We participated in the arbitrage …2016-11-08 17:23:45
2016/11/04Premium: US Investigation Into Price Collusion Haunts Indian Drug ManufacturersIn a major setback for Pharma companies, Bloomberg has confirmed from its sources that …2016-11-04 17:05:58
2016/11/04Portfolio: Exiting Two Stocks in Momentum, After They Show Signs of BreakdownMarkets have been seeing red continuously. Nifty is down by 2.6% in last five …2016-11-04 16:07:27
2016/11/03Macronomics: Loan Growth At 22 Year Lows, And Housing Slowdown Will HurtLoan Growth is weak, but Banks and NBFC are pumping up their exposure to …2016-11-03 12:06:34
2016/10/31Bond Baba: Fight Those Demons, Harvest Those Losses [Happy Diwali!]Happy Diwali folks! The festival of lights is among us. Let the kids enjoy …2016-10-31 10:01:55
2016/10/28Portfolio: [Stock] Bank Gets Into Long-TermWe have been keeping our hands off banking stocks, but we don’t want to …2016-10-28 16:04:24
2016/10/26Portfolio: [stock] Stay or Exit?Noida Toll Bridge has just received a shocker from the Allahabad High Court. The …2016-10-26 22:00:18
2016/10/26Portfolio: Adding an Agrochemical Company on a BreakoutToday, we add PI Industries to our Momentum Portfolio. PI Industries is an agrochemical manufacturing …2016-10-26 12:12:30
2016/10/26Using Ratio Spreads to trade earnings: A live-example on INFYResult season is a challenging time for short-term trading. You never know what’s gonna …2016-10-26 11:25:17
2016/10/25Portfolio: Adding [stock] on Awesome Results and a Big BreakoutThat’s one Fast Mover! Today, we add Arvind to our Momentum Portfolio. Arvind is majorly into …2016-10-25 19:15:47
2016/10/24[Webinar Video] Hedging Your Portfolio To Earn More, Save TaxWe started a post series on Active Investing. Read: Take Control, Invest Actively. Yesterday, we …2016-10-24 11:32:20
2016/10/20Portfolio: We Add This Fertiliser Company To Our Momentum PortfolioToday we add a Gujarat State Fertillisers and Chemicals (GSFC) to our portfolio. Fertilisers …2016-10-20 19:30:12
2016/10/19Premium: Invest Actively Part 2 – Covered Calls to Reduce Cost and Cut Tax With Business IncomeWe started a post series on Investing actively. Read: Take Control, Invest Actively. We bring …2016-10-19 18:22:28
2016/10/19Portfolio: [stock] Bank Gets Into Long-TermWe haven’t liked banks for a while now. We have even benefited from a …2016-10-19 13:24:25
2016/10/19Momentum Portfolio: Changes in StrategyWe have a new strategy to take the Momentum Portfolio forward. The new rules are: …2016-10-19 13:18:30
2016/10/14Portfolio: Rejigging Smartcaps and Adding A Construction CompanyWe’re reworking our portfolios. With the end of the Monsoon Portfolio we now have …2016-10-14 18:55:52
2016/10/14StratOptions: IV spike post Surgical Strikes helps us score a quick 2.63%Finally, some action! The Army’s announcement of Surgical Strikes against terrorist camps in PoK …2016-10-14 17:10:53
2016/10/14Macronomics: The Yuan, the Pound and that Pesky LIBOR – All At ExtremesIt’s an interesting situation with Global markets and we want to bring in some …2016-10-14 17:10:47
2016/10/07Portfolio: Exiting Two Low Liquidity CountersAs markets opened relatively joyously today we decided to get rid of two positions …2016-10-07 10:31:47
2016/10/06Macronomics: Our Banking System Moves to Personal Loans and Real EstateBank Sector credit data always throws interesting insights. Today we look at one: that banks …2016-10-06 17:38:10
2016/10/05Bond Baba: The Kicker in Ultra Short Term Bond FundsBond Baba has seen some incredible discussions in the #bonds-and-funds channel. Among them is a concept: …2016-10-05 11:01:14
2016/09/30Portfolios: Market Turns Choppy ; Reducing a Position In Momentum, Keeping Long Term As IsMarkets had been volatile on account of Indian Army conducting Surgical operations in Pakistan …2016-09-30 12:26:24
2016/09/29Portfolio: We Add One Auto Ancillary Company And Exit from Two Stocks in Momentum PortfolioWe add Igarashi Motors to our momentum portfolio. We need to make space for …2016-09-29 09:45:12
2016/09/28StratOptions: We learn about ratios, adjustments, and patience, while scoring 2% in returnsAnother low-IV month and we continued to use ratio diagonals, as we did in …2016-09-28 12:57:43
2016/09/27Portfolio: Exiting Capital Mind Monsoon Portfolio – Returns 20% in 4 MonthsThe Capital Mind Monsoon Portfolio The CM Monsoon Portfolio has returned 20.22% in 120 …2016-09-27 21:10:56
2016/09/23Momentum Portfolio : We Add One New Auto Company To Our PortfolioWe make way for TVS Motors in our momentum portfolio today.The stock has been …2016-09-23 17:53:28
2016/09/23What Are Perpetual Bonds? Bond Baba ExplainsYou can’t live forever, they say. But some things can. And one of those …2016-09-23 15:34:53
2016/09/23Momentum Portfolio: We Add One New Position in another Chemical and Drug CoThe markets were up today as fed decided to hold the fire by not …2016-09-23 09:30:05
2016/09/21Portfolio: Adding One Stock And Exiting Another PartiallyWe added a momentum stock today in Eicher Motors. The stock had great results, …2016-09-21 19:06:13
2016/09/20The Top 10 Banks Show Credit Slowdown, Not Enough ProvisioningThe Banking sector in India has slowly been moving up in valuation. In the …2016-09-20 20:10:33
2016/09/19Longterm Portfolio Result Update (Sep 2016): 40% Returns YTDThe Long Term Portfolio is up 50% in One Year and 40% in 2016. Here’s …2016-09-19 06:00:49
2016/09/16Momentum Portfolio: We Get Into This Auto Parts CompanyThe market’s back, thank goodness. And now we enter an auto parts supplier we …2016-09-16 15:03:58
2016/09/15That BEL Arbitrage Gets A Record DateUpdate on the 8% arbitrage opportunity in this share if you invest less than …2016-09-15 07:17:27
2016/09/14Our Fixed Income Bond Mutual Fund Portfolio, Revisited: Bond BabaWe had two fixed income portfolio posts since 2014, and it’s probably time for …2016-09-14 10:57:39
2016/09/13Bond Baba: Why Are There Two 10-Year Bonds With Different Yields?Bond Baba goes into some theory today. There are apparently two 10 year bonds, …2016-09-13 17:45:03
2016/09/08Portfolio: It Helps To See Coffee Futures Making New 52-Week HighsCoffee Prices seem to be perking up! We are long Tata Coffee in the …2016-09-08 20:02:43
2016/09/07Macronomics: The Strange Case of the Highest LIBOR Since 2009Today we look at a strange development in the world markets. It’s an event …2016-09-07 19:26:57
2016/09/06Momentum Portfolio: Adding [Stock] to the MixToday we add another entry to the momentum portfolio: Havells. The stock has been …2016-09-06 18:36:14
2016/09/06Uncle Theta Goes Intraday, Just For One DayBank Nifty went mad today. It was up some 400 points and still climbing. …2016-09-06 18:17:40
2016/08/31Macronomics: Banks Rejoice, But GDP Data and Credit Growth Do Not.RBL Bank Listed today. And it went up some 30%, a big listing pop. But …2016-08-31 20:25:31
2016/08/30Portfolios: Adding Two More Stocks As Nifty Hits a 52 Week HighThe Nifty hit a new 52 week high today. And while we rejoice in …2016-08-30 15:44:56
2016/08/30Macronomics: Forex Reserves Peak Just Before the FCNR Storm HitsIn Macronomics today, we’ll take a look at this whole FCNR thing once again, …2016-08-30 14:41:07
2016/08/26Smartcaps: A Stock That is a Better Mutual Fund Than a Mutual FundWe introduce a “Smartcap” – a stock chosen by one of the CM Premium …2016-08-26 18:55:27
2016/08/24StratOptions scores a cheeky 2% in August, despite low IVsAugust. That month when we celebrate our independence. In the options world though, Uncle …2016-08-24 15:32:27
2016/08/22Why Bond Baba Gives No Credence To Big Bond IPOsDewan Housing Finance Corporation recently launched its retail bonds in an IPO. And whatay …2016-08-22 16:40:05
2016/08/20Portfolio: [stock] Chemicals Gets Into Long-TermTata Chemicals made it to the Long Term portfolio. The stock has been interesting …2016-08-20 11:30:58
2016/08/20Portfolios: Adding One More into Momentum and Long Term (Quick Note)We are adding Mercator Lines, a shipping stock, to the Momentum Portfolio. This is …2016-08-20 11:05:03
2016/08/18Portfolio: Momentum Gets Into Chemical StocksMomentum continues to be strong, and we’ve added two more stocks to the Momentum …2016-08-18 17:30:57
2016/08/18Video: How To Strategically Create Option TradesUncle Theta is going audio-visual today. We bring you thoughts on how to build …2016-08-18 11:10:32
2016/08/17Portfolio: Adding One More Stock to Momentum PortfolioA quick note to say we have added APL Apollo Tubes to the Momentum …2016-08-17 17:39:42
2016/08/12Portfolio Review: Monsoon Portfolio Returns 12.08% in 75 DaysThe Capitalmind Monsoon Portfolio At the start of the monsoons we had created the …2016-08-12 13:49:14
2016/08/11An Arbitrage Only Available to Small Shareholders, Provides An 8% OpportunityThere’s 8% in an arbitrage opportunity in this share if you invest less than …2016-08-11 15:59:40
2016/08/10Portfolio : Adding One Stock and Exiting AnotherWe added a momentum stock yesterday, in Sundram Fasteners. The stock had great results, which …2016-08-10 13:50:22
2016/08/09Making Profits Because Of The STT: Uncle Theta Shows You HowIf you can’t beat the STT, you join it, says Uncle Theta. STT is …2016-08-09 21:00:54
2016/08/08Macronomics: There Are Many Reasons to Cut Rates, But 3 Solid Reasons Not ToRaghuram Rajan’s last monetary policy statement as governor comes tomorrow, and the big question …2016-08-08 21:26:43
2016/08/08Adding More [stock], New Positions in Momentum and Changes in Options: Portfolio UpdatesWe loved the Tata Coffee Results! Their Earnings Per Share DOUBLED to Rs. 2.44 …2016-08-08 11:01:49
2016/08/06Bond Baba Explains Why Capital Gains is Better Than Interest IncomeWe had an interesting webinar on August 05, 2016 Friday. We discussed what our …2016-08-06 14:18:28
2016/08/05Uncle Theta Scolds Stratoptions For Making Only 11 Points On BoredomUncle Theta is just disappointed at July. He’s just so furious. Such a wonderful …2016-08-05 10:55:11
2016/08/02Booking Profit on [stock], Exit Stratoptions, Enter MA20: Portfolio UpdatesWe’ve been doing some changes in the portfolios and here’s an update. Momentum: Cutting …2016-08-02 19:14:33
2016/07/28This Time, Uncle Theta Gets Rich With A Regular Calendar StraddleIn an interesting Expiry, Uncle Theta managed to produce some experimental results we have …2016-07-28 18:30:26
2016/07/27Q1FY17 Earnings Report : Stocks in Our PortfolioFinancial results for the quarter ending June 2016 are in and we have tabulated …2016-07-27 16:15:17
2016/07/26Bond Baba: The Sudden 12% Yield That AppearedToday, something strange happened. Bond Baba noticed that there was a Shriram Transport Finance …2016-07-26 19:50:27
2016/07/25Momentum Portfolio: One New Position and A ExitIn what has been a very interesting day, we do an entry and exit …2016-07-25 20:30:14
2016/07/23You Won’t Believe How Much Insurers Have Lost Since The Misselling Epidemic in 2011: The Insurer ChronicleDo you have any idea of the war chest with the Life Insurance Corporation of …2016-07-23 09:15:09
2016/07/22Bond Baba Is Looking At Stocks, But Why? (Bonus Stripping)Bond Baba notes that if you own HPCL shares on September 13, 2016 you …2016-07-22 16:16:26
2016/07/19Uncle Theta Explores a Rich Nephew Strategy with WarrantsUncle Theta goes big. Some of you in Capitalmind Premium will remember the incredible deal in …2016-07-19 11:15:58
2016/07/17Long-Term Portfolio: Backing Another Plantation Stock This TimeWe’ve just decided to buy into Tata Coffee. We already have a plantation stock …2016-07-17 17:51:45
2016/07/15The Premium Portfolios Are Up More Than 30% : Performance AnalysisMarkets are a business where many people, even long-term investors, shout from the rooftops …2016-07-15 15:00:02
2016/07/14Macronomics – India’s Intolerant Earnings GrowthThe Intolerant PE Ratios! Note: This is a special preview post that was sent …2016-07-14 16:26:12
2016/07/13Uncle Theta Presents – Margin Efficient Directional SpreadsSome people always want to be in a trade. And when it comes to incredibly …2016-07-13 19:14:19
2016/07/12Uncle Theta: A short calendar on Bank NiftyA short calendar on Bank Nifty I have to admit. The past few weeks …2016-07-12 16:54:30
2016/07/08Portfolio: Adding Two More StocksTwo more stocks make it to the Premium portfolio. Foot Notes The Premium Mometum Portfolio is …2016-07-08 17:05:16
2016/07/08Bond Baba: The Zero Coupon Bond Play For A Smart Tax Adjusted ReturnBond Baba has another interesting bond in play. This time it’s a [bond], that …2016-07-08 16:17:48
2016/07/05Premium: This Broad Market Is Giving Us The Biggest Warning Signal Since 2008There’s something in the market that’s telling us a story – and that particular …2016-07-05 14:42:07
2016/07/05Portfolio: A 2-Bagger on [stock]We have good news and we have bad news. One of the stocks in …2016-07-05 13:50:42
2016/06/30Portfolio Review: Monsoon Portfolio Returns 9.59% in One MonthThe Capital Mind Monsoon Portfolio At the start of the monsoons we have created …2016-06-30 19:00:10
2016/06/30StratOptions: Brexit Helps Us Close The Month With 2.5%, June Edition Part 2This time we took the volatility on the Brexit day to get a trade …2016-06-30 18:07:36
2016/06/29Video: How To Park Your Money, Save 80% Tax & Also Generate Cash Flow!Capitalmind speaks of a new way to allocate a lumpsum cash amount and recover …2016-06-29 18:53:16
2016/06/28How the #Brexit trade returned 5% in 5 daysUncle Theta doesn’t like to boast. But what to do if things just worked …2016-06-28 18:09:55
2016/06/27Sectoral Analysis for FY16: Utilities, Power and Beverages Surprise; Metals and Financials Scrape the BottomThe 2016 Financial year has come to an end. Most of the companies have …2016-06-27 20:20:55
2016/06/24Portfolio Changes: [stock] enters The Long Term Portfolio and add a little more of [stock]Our long term portfolio is performing reasonably, even though there was this whole Brexit …2016-06-24 18:06:53
2016/06/24Momentum Portfolio: One New Position and Remarkably, Stocks Are Holding Up  A quick note to summarize a few changes in the Momentum Portfolio. Foot …2016-06-24 18:00:38
2016/06/22Macronomics: Why is India Pushing FDI? Charts Show Other Sources are FallingThe government has made some major noises about FDI reforms. But we have figured …2016-06-22 13:01:57
2016/06/21Momentum Portfolio: Thanks to [stock], and Stop Losses on OthersA quick note to summarize a few changes in the Momentum Portfolio.  Foot Notes …2016-06-21 17:30:02
2016/06/16StratOptions Special Preview: Staying Patient When VIX is Low, June Edition Part 1Note for Trial members: StratOptions is a Capital Mind Premium strategy which uses options …2016-06-16 18:05:51
2016/06/15Macronomics: Indian Corporate Debt market no longer attractive to Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs)Today we look at a strange situation in corporate debt investments by Foreign Portfolio …2016-06-15 20:00:02
2016/06/13Optionalysis: MA20 Turns Around Yet Another Profitable TradeAfter a long time we have a decent trade in MA20. A quick gap …2016-06-13 19:54:22
2016/06/13Portfolio Update: Added Two stocks to the Long Term PortfolioGST has been driving a few stocks and we’re jumping on the bandwagon.  Long …2016-06-13 19:48:59
2016/06/11[Stock] Enters The Long Term PortfolioOur long term portfolio is performing reasonably. Disclaimer Nothing in this newsletter is financial …2016-06-11 09:00:25
2016/06/10Portfolio Changes: Two More Stocks Added, and Look at [stock]!We added two stocks to the Momentum Portfolio: Note: This is not portfolio advise. …2016-06-10 16:26:02
2016/06/08Optionalysis: Handling the New Weekly Options In A Calendar StraddleYou can now trade the weekly Bank Nifty options – they expire on the …2016-06-08 22:00:47
2016/06/03Macronomics: Bank Credit Growth Again In Single Digits, and Sectoral Analysis Shows Potential Distress in Some Sectors2016-06-03 14:50:18
2016/06/02The Long Term Portfolio: Summary Of Results and Investment UpdateWe have a bunch of positions in the Long Term Portfolio and here’s an …2016-06-02 19:20:46
2016/05/31Premium: How Suzlon’s Debt Tweaks Are Changing The Fortunes Of The Renewable Energy CompanySuzlon had results yesterday and a few interesting things came out. Here’s a quick …2016-05-31 17:30:09
2016/05/30Portfolio: Introducing the Capital Mind Monsoon PortfolioThe Capital Mind Monsoon Portfolio The companies with exposure to agro and rural population …2016-05-30 15:13:42
2016/05/28Results Summary: March 2016: As of 28th MayFinancial results for the quarter ending March 2016 are in and we have tabulated …2016-05-28 16:23:02
2016/05/27Portfolio Changes: Added Good Result Performers, And Stratoptions Starts AgainWe have added more positions in the Momentum Portfolio Note: This is not portfolio …2016-05-27 18:47:55
2016/05/27StratOptions: Another Successful Straddle Write Ends May, With Lots of HedgesStratoptions was a crazy ride in the last two months. We had a number …2016-05-27 08:10:49
2016/05/25Premium: Insights From Samir Arora Speech, and A Demonstration of Long-Short InvestingWe had a great time at the Traders’ Carnival in Bangkok and like always, …2016-05-25 20:10:13
2016/05/25Portfolio Update: More Stops Hit, We Close Stratoptions, More Details LaterI’m back from TC2016 in Bangkok and a few days of a holiday in …2016-05-25 08:10:07
2016/05/21Results Summary: March 2016: As of 21st MayFinancial results for the quarter ending March 2016 are in and we have tabulated …2016-05-21 16:57:22
2016/05/20Portfolio Update: A Stock Added to Long Term, Exits From StratoptionsA Quick Note of a few actions in the portfolio. The idea here is …2016-05-20 11:45:04
2016/05/17Macronomics: Service Exports Fall Nearly 20%, Saudi Remittances May Be Under ThreatWhat’s with Trade? In this post we cover trade issues: • The overall trade deficit …2016-05-17 16:00:54
2016/05/17Premium: Risk Management Part 1 – Keeping Risk at 2% And A Strategy to Not Lose Money At AllMuch is written about trading as just getting a great entry and exit. You …2016-05-17 12:56:49
2016/05/14Results Summary: March 2016: As of 14th MayFinancial results for the quarter ending March 2016 are in and we have tabulated …2016-05-14 17:28:33
2016/05/14Portfolio Update: Added More Momentum Stocks, And One Into The Long Term PortfolioA Quick Note of a few actions in the portfolio. Momentum: Added Three More …2016-05-14 16:06:38
2016/05/11Portfolio: Interim Performance of Capital Mind DivYield PortfolioThe Capital Mind DivYield Portfolio At the starting of this year we created the CM-Div-Yield …2016-05-11 18:26:28
2016/05/08Optionalysis: A Tiny Profit with MA20 After Disastrous Moves  The MA20 today fizzled out. We bought the 7700 PE after the MA20 …2016-05-08 18:12:35
2016/05/06Optionalysis: Introducing The Sucker’s IndexA sucker’s born every minute, they say. And in the parlance of the markets, …2016-05-06 20:30:39
2016/05/06Results Summary – March 2016: As of 6th MayFinancial results for the quarter ending March 2016 are in and we have tabulated …2016-05-06 18:28:15
2016/05/04Portfolio Update: Momentum Shows Stop Changes as Market Slides, MA20 Gets Into Action And MoreAs the Nifty drops 230 points in four days, we wonder what’s really happened …2016-05-04 18:08:36
2016/04/29Results Summary: March 2016: As of 29th AprilFinancial results for the quarter ending March 2016 are in and we have tabulated …2016-04-29 19:36:46
2016/04/27Portfolio Update: Momentum Slows to 34% CAGR But On Road To Recovery, Changes in Long Term Portfolio TooLooking at the Outliers pages, we have made changes to the momentum portfolios: Note: This is …2016-04-27 17:00:57
2016/04/21[Premium] An Interesting Position for India in the World Sugar Industry : Part 2This post is a continuation of the previous post titled “An Interesting Position for …2016-04-21 15:37:04
2016/04/21Optionalysis: A Simple Covered Call Strategy With NiftyBees Outperforms Over The Last Five YearsToday in Optionalysis we explore the laziest strategy you can do with options. Assume …2016-04-21 14:16:54
2016/04/20Premium: Learning From Stupidity – Exits Should Only Be With A Stop LossToday we did something really stupid. We exited from a stock that wasn’t moving …2016-04-20 15:00:28
2016/04/14Portfolios: We Add Two More Outliers to the Momentum PortfolioAs markets go berserk again, our Momentum Outliers show two more encouraging entries.2016-04-14 14:30:15
2016/04/13Premium: An Interesting Position for India in the World Sugar Industry  In this post, read about an interesting situation with the Sugar sector, where …2016-04-13 17:40:20
2016/04/11Macronomics: Forex Reserves Hit A High After March, But Rupee Depreciation Looms Over The HorizonIn Macronomics today: • Forex reserves rise to $360 billion, the highest ever, with over …2016-04-11 12:50:24
2016/04/08Indian Automobile Sales for the month of March 2016Today we bring you a mini version of our Monthly SparkPlug Report – a summary of …2016-04-08 20:33:36
2016/04/08Portfolios: Adding [Stock]2016-04-08 17:10:22
2016/04/07Indian Tea Industry – Companies, Production, Exports, Challenges  The Indian Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Industry is one of the most labour intensive …2016-04-07 08:44:56
2016/04/06RBI Policy: Why Will The RBI Buy Bonds or Dollars And Infuse Liquidity?Things the RBI did today, in simple words:2016-04-06 10:20:46
2016/04/05Portfolios: Quick Update on Momentum as we Exit One and Enter Another, and our Options PositionsTwo more changes on the Momentum portfolio today, as RBI policy and global markets …2016-04-05 20:10:00
2016/04/05Premium: What We Think Will Happen In The RBI PolicyRBI comes out with the monetary policy at 11AM. Here’s a quick note on …2016-04-05 10:55:12
2016/04/04Momentum Portfolio: We Add [Stock] As Footwear Stocks Surge2016-04-04 16:35:17
2016/04/01Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate – Banks Change Base ratesFrom April 1 2016, Banks have a new thing to tell you: Loans linked …2016-04-01 19:48:51
2016/03/31Premium: Big Expiry Move in March – Second Biggest Since 2009We have had a HUGE rally. With the Nifty currently at 7770, it has …2016-03-31 12:10:02
2016/03/31Webinar With AP – Intermarket Relationships & The Maruti TradeWelcome To Capital Mind Webinars! Recently Deepak Shenoy had a tete-a-tete with Abhijit Phatak and …2016-03-31 09:15:10
2016/03/28StratOptions: We Close March with 2.5% After a Rip-Your-Face-Off RallyYet another trade goes our way in Stratoptions after a harrowing March, which saw …2016-03-28 21:40:44
2016/03/27Portfolio: We Add A Synthetic Chemical Manufacturer That Shows Signs of Revival [Momentum]2016-03-27 10:05:11
2016/03/21Premium Playbook: Visualizing The Nifty Through the March ExpiryVashistha has a way to visualize how the Nifty has worked through an expiry. …2016-03-21 21:15:43
2016/03/21Sparkplug February 2016 – Indian Automobile Report on Production, Sales and ExportsCapital Mind Premium has a new, shiny 100+ page analysis of the Auto sales …2016-03-21 20:27:07
2016/03/21Premium: Tutorial – Tax Implications and Nuances of Online Bonds – Part 3In the third edition of our Online Bond Buying we address a few issues: …2016-03-21 17:45:49
2016/03/16Optionalysis: Introducing Diagonal Put Spreads, Through A Current Trade in StratOptionsIn Optionalysis today we look at a Diagonal Put Spread that we have been …2016-03-16 22:20:24
2016/03/14Premium: SparkPlug Report: A look at the Indian Automobile Sales for February 2016What is this SparkPlug Report all about? – Well, in simple terms every company’s …2016-03-14 17:35:04
2016/03/14[Premium] Tutorial: Cash Flow Based Return of Long Term Bonds Available Online, Part 2In part 2 of our Bonds Tutorial, we will calculate how to see the return …2016-03-14 16:20:49
2016/03/14[Premium] Tutorial: How To Buy Bonds Online – The Basics, Part 1We are going to do a multi-part tutorial on Fixed Income: Buying Bonds. In …2016-03-14 01:02:10
2016/03/04Premium: The JustDial Buyback and What’s Causing The Reverse ArbitrageA Sorta Big Buyback Justdial is buying back some of its shares, at Rs. …2016-03-04 19:50:02
2016/03/03Optionalysis: A Small Call Spread Profit With MA20The recent up-move triggered an MA20 trade and we booked a small (3%) profit …2016-03-03 13:00:02
2016/03/02SparkPlug Summary: Auto Sales for February 2016 – Renault up 158%, VECV up 59%, Toyota down 16%Today we bring you a mini version of our Monthly SparkPlug Report – a summary of …2016-03-02 17:04:51
2016/03/02Premium: The RBI Gives Banks At Least 13,000 Crores By Allowing Them To Use Their Property HoldingsWe’ve been asking for it for ages. And now, RBI’s done it: Allowed banks …2016-03-02 07:05:51
2016/02/25Macronomics: Long Bonds Trade at 8.4%, Highest in over a Year, as Market Gets Jitters over the BudgetThe fixed income world is not seeing very good news. Without a murmur, things …2016-02-25 08:30:00
2016/02/23Optionalysis: Do You Want FULL Downside Protection, With A Portion of the Upside Gains on Nifty Till December?What if we told you that there is a way for you to: • Make …2016-02-23 08:15:32
2016/02/18Macronomics: Indian QE Reappears as RBI Balance Sheet Growth Hits 15%, But This Might Just Buffer The Storm Later This YearIn Macro news, we have a new theme in town: the Indian QE. What …2016-02-18 21:15:03
2016/02/16StratOptions: In the Volatility We Make 3.5% After Some Intense Effort2016-02-16 15:31:10
2016/02/15Macronomics: Forex Reserve Data Shows Weak RBI Intervention as FII Exits and Slowing Inflows Hit The RupeeIn Macro News today, we take a look at what’s happening with the Rupee. …2016-02-15 17:40:01
2016/02/11Portfolio: The Carnage Continues, We’re Down to 30% CAGRIts been a horrible set of days for the portfolios. We have had serious …2016-02-11 19:30:54
2016/02/10Premium: US FDA Warning Letter to IPCA Laboratories for Ratlam facility, Pithampur facility and Piparia Silvassa facility  On the 29-Jan-16 (Tuesday), the US FDA issued a Warning Letter to IPCA Laboratories.  …2016-02-10 11:08:02
2016/02/08Premium: Can Liquid Funds Lose Money?Liquid Mutual Funds are considered very safe. They can only invest in debt and …2016-02-08 17:50:46
2016/02/03SparkPlug Summary: Auto Sales for January 2016 – Eicher up 65%, Leyland up 30%, But Maruti fallsToday we bring you a mini version of our Monthly SparkPlug Report – a summary of …2016-02-03 09:00:15
2016/02/02Optionalysis: MA20 Hits A Loss As Markets Give Up Gains2016-02-02 19:40:23
2016/02/01Premium: Aegis Logistics Results Show A Promising Two Years Ahead With Throughput and Capacity ExpansionsAegis Logistics had an interesting quarter. While the EPS was “down” (from 1.17 in …2016-02-01 08:00:13
2016/01/29Portfolios: Updating the Capital Mind DivYield Portfolio“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my …2016-01-29 13:45:02
2016/01/28Premium: Good Results by Supreme Petro Even When Chennai Plant Shut2016-01-28 13:20:13
2016/01/25StratOptions: Modifying a Straddle Into an Inverted Strangle Gave Us 3.4% More To End Jan With 7.43%More StratOptions: We have yet another traded for 3.37% in January. Along with the …2016-01-25 17:50:27
2016/01/22SparkPlug: A look at the Indian Automobile Sales for December 2015What is this SparkPlug Report all about? – Well, in simple terms every company’s …2016-01-22 20:39:10
2016/01/20Optionalysis: Writing Long Term Puts As A Mechanism to Buy Nifty at 18 P/E or LowerThe markets have fallen: and we are apparently going into a bear market just …2016-01-20 21:50:25
2016/01/18Premium: Is It Time To Buy?2016-01-18 21:30:05
2016/01/11Macronomics: Foreign Investors Show Accelerating Selling, as Macro Investing Trends ReverseForeign Portfolio Investors (FPIs) have been selling. India’s been struggling with levels of capital …2016-01-11 20:30:12
2016/01/09Portfolio: Updated Portfolio As We Take New “Gas” EntriesA quick re-look at the current portfolio.2016-01-09 09:00:25
2016/01/08Optionalysis: MA20 Ends Yet Another Awesome Trade with 23% in Four DaysOh, we love the MA20. When it’s bad, its a little bad, but when …2016-01-08 14:50:44
2016/01/06StratOptions: This Time A Bet on Low Vix Gives Us 4% for JanuaryContinuing our StratOptions Trades into 2016, we build a LONG strangle that made us …2016-01-06 13:20:30
2016/01/05Optionalysis: MA20 Comes Into Action as China Hurts Worldwide MarketsThe MA20, Capital Mind’s proprietary indicator (*) shows the signs of another big move …2016-01-05 07:00:17
2016/01/04SparkPlug Summary: Auto Sales for December 2015 – Leyland Up 31%, Enfield 41% But Other Two Wheelers FalterToday we bring you a mini version of our Monthly SparkPlug Report – a summary of …2016-01-04 19:31:47
2016/01/02Portfolios: Introducing the Capital Mind DivYield Portfolio“Do you know the only thing that gives me pleasure? It’s to see my …2016-01-02 13:54:45
2015/12/31Optionalysis: Capital Mind Hangout – Trading Volatility With OptionsAll that talk on Options and Volatility, in a Video? Recently we’ve had some …2015-12-31 07:10:12
2015/12/30Portfolio: Year-End Entries to Close a Rough Year, Though Not Too Bad For UsFirstly, here’s wishing you an awesome 2016 ahead! We end the portfolio with about …2015-12-30 21:00:54
2015/12/28Macronomics: How the Current Account Deficit Reveals The Dark Picture For The Rupee in 2016A Macro look at the Current Account Deficit (Data from RBI’s July to September …2015-12-28 21:45:37
2015/12/25Premium: US FDA Warning Letter to Sun Pharmaceutical Industries for Halol facility  On the 17-Dec-15 (Thursday), the US FDA issued a Warning Letter to Sun Pharmaceuticals. …2015-12-25 09:52:49
2015/12/24Optionalysis: Introducing “StratOptions” As We Get 3% More From A Calendar Butterfly SpreadWe’ve been talking about writing options to generate income and a recent strategy – …2015-12-24 07:10:42
2015/12/23Optionalysis: MA20 Ends 2015 With a 375% Return in 14 MonthsWe had to correct this post as the trade table was outdated. We’ve updated …2015-12-23 00:40:32
2015/12/21SmartCap: A Rapid Rise in [Stock] Shows A Multi Pronged PlayHere’s our second (apologetically, since we should have more) post on “Smartcaps” – Our …2015-12-21 16:31:38
2015/12/17Portfolio: New Entries As The Nifty Heads Over A New LeafWe’ve added a few stocks recently and here’s a summary.2015-12-17 20:10:42
2015/12/16Optionalysis: Another Move In the MA20 Might Indicate A Nifty SwingThe MA20, our proprietary indicator that measures  market breadth, shows up another trade: A …2015-12-16 10:00:20
2015/12/14Optionalysis: The Stock Option Liquidity Matrix And The Rules of Trading An Illiquid Market2015-12-14 22:30:19
2015/12/11Macronomics: The Story of the FCNR Swap and Why It Will Haunt Us In 2016This is a [long] story that’s purely fiction, and figments of my imagination. There …2015-12-11 13:00:51
2015/12/09Premium Recap: Keeping Your Risk Controlled In A Strong DownmoveManaging risk is the only thing that saves you in a downturn. The point …2015-12-09 18:50:34
2015/12/08Portfolio: 3 More Exits and an Entry, Booking Profits This TimeAnother quick portfolio update: We have two full exits, a partial exit and one …2015-12-08 07:10:02
2015/12/07Optionalysis: An Option Strangle That Took Advantage of Post-RBI-Policy Time Decay for 2%2015-12-07 13:25:41
2015/12/07Premium: Webinar Recording: AP on Trading Camarilla Levels2015-12-07 07:05:48
2015/12/02Optionalysis: Using Standard Deviations to Build Strategies Targeting 2% to 3% per monthYou can use options for many things, and usually we think of options as …2015-12-02 18:10:54
2015/12/01Portfolio: We Clean Up Underperformers, Add Two More Outliers YTD Performance at 21%It’s been a crazy time with the momentum portfolio. We had two entries and …2015-12-01 18:15:12
2015/11/28Macronomics: Rupee Falls To Key Technical Levels, and Bond Yields Rise To Highest Since Rate Cut; Which is More Worrying?2015-11-28 17:40:30
2015/11/24Portfolio: We Booked Profits in a Rice Player, and Booked a Sugar LoserWe exited two stocks today, one at a profit and another at a loss. …2015-11-24 20:20:52
2015/11/24Optionalysis: Risk Controlled MA20 Trades Hurt, But Not Much2015-11-24 15:25:35
2015/11/23Portfolio: [Stock] Falls 3.6% And Announces A Stake Sale in [Stock], What To Do?2015-11-23 21:51:20
2015/11/23Capsule – 23/11: SBI MF adds more of Ganesha Ecosphere, Peanence Commercial buys Nirvikara Paper Mills, ABG Shipyard sold by IL&FS Financial ServicesHere is the “Capsule” of the data that is revealed in the markets. This …2015-11-23 20:17:01
2015/11/20Portfolio Analysis: Our Momentum Portfolio Returned 45% CAGR in Two Years2015-11-20 19:10:50
2015/11/19Portfolio: Exits in [Stock] and [Stock] as Momentum Lost2015-11-19 13:45:21
2015/11/17Portfolio: That Poly Film Maker Exits and a Sugar Stock Walks In; Returns at 73% p.a.2015-11-17 12:02:50
2015/11/17Portfolio Sees Dishman Exit in a Hurry as Customer Clovis Loses 70% Market Cap in the US2015-11-17 10:52:12
2015/11/16Premium: Don’t Panic-Sell Based on Terrorism Fears, See What Happened To Nifty In 20082015-11-16 05:10:07
2015/11/15Portfolio: While Markets Fall, This Stock Makes A New High2015-11-15 09:00:32
2015/11/14Macronomics: Bad News For Banks, As Credit Growth Is Near The Lowest In 20 YearsIt’s getting messy in the credit world. What we’re going to see is: • Bank …2015-11-14 17:10:18
2015/11/09Macronomics: The Rupee Just Went Nuts, Folks! And So Did The 10 Year Bond!Bihar seems to have spooked too many people, as has the fear that the …2015-11-09 18:55:26
2015/11/04Macronomics: Foreign Investors Are Quietly Selling From Debt and EquityWatch out! FII Investment Data show how FIIs have slowly been selling both debt …2015-11-04 16:30:45
2015/11/03Mini SparkPlug Report : Auto Sales for October, 2015Today we bring you a mini version of our Monthly SparkPlug Report – a summary of …2015-11-03 07:00:06
2015/11/02Optionalysis: What An Awesome Trade With MA20!We exited the MA20 Trade today, with what seems to be a neat profit. …2015-11-02 16:15:54
2015/10/29Macronomics: Nifty and CNX 500 P/E Beyond 22, As Earnings Growth Deep in Negative TerritoryThe Nifty Price to Earnings Ratio is calculated by using the Nifty members’ market …2015-10-29 14:30:57
2015/10/23Optionalysis: The 30th of October Will Dramatically Crimp Options Trading, Or Will It?Options traders will know how critical the 30th of October is. It’s the date …2015-10-23 22:20:24
2015/10/21Optionalysis: MA20 Beats Us Up And Teases With Another Potential SetupThe MA20 is our proprietary indicator about market breadth. The MA20 is calculated by taking the …2015-10-21 07:10:33
2015/10/20Macronomics: The Real Reason For The Recent Rise In The Rupee, And Why It Might Hit A Wall Here2015-10-20 20:20:35
2015/10/16The Insider Report: 105 Companies, Pre-Release Version2015-10-16 18:30:24
2015/10/15Premium: Pre-Book Your Spot For A Special Deal for Options With AP2015-10-15 19:50:00
2015/10/14Optionalysis: Market Breadth as MA20 Reveals Is Breaking DownThe MA20 is our proprietary indicator about market breadth. The MA20 is calculated by taking the …2015-10-14 18:50:28
2015/10/14The Sparkplug Report: September 2015Capital Mind Premium has a new, shiny 100+ page analysis of the Auto sales …2015-10-14 17:00:51
2015/10/12Optionalysis: Despite Infy’s 3.8% Fall, Put Option Holders Lose Money [A Follow Up]We promised a follow up to our earlier post on the Infosys Option Move. …2015-10-12 18:50:54
2015/10/12Optionalysis: Infy Needs a 10% Move On Results, Otherwise Option Writers WinAs results come in, its imperative that option strategies will take some priority. Infosys …2015-10-12 07:10:20
2015/10/05Premium: HDFC Warrants Now At Rs. 14 Are A Subsidy For Their Low Interest Rate Debentures2015-10-05 20:00:00
2015/10/05Macronomics: Credit Growth Tumbles In SME, Vehicle Loans, Exports and Commercial Real EstateOn a day when the markets are up 2%, I hate to be a …2015-10-05 17:40:04
2015/10/02Premium: Rules for Trading Price Action, by AP 2015-10-02 21:58:10
2015/10/02Premium: Webinar Recording: Trading Pure Price Action2015-10-02 19:40:02
2015/09/30Macronomics: Foreign Investors Sell Another 6,500 cr. of Stocks in SeptemberForeign investors continue to run out the door!2015-09-30 20:50:31
2015/09/29Premium: It’s Time We Buy Those Solid Fixed Income Funds Again2015-09-29 21:10:33
2015/09/26Premium: Yellen Calms Markets, But Rajan Faces This Crazy Inflation Measure and Ooh, Defaults2015-09-26 00:30:15
2015/09/23Optionalysis: Why Longer Term Deeper In The Money Put Options Are Cheaper To Buy Than For Next Month2015-09-23 18:30:36
2015/09/22Portfolio Changes: Exit from a Long Term Portfolio Player, Entries and Exits in the Momentum PortfolioFolks, we’ve recently had changes in all the portfolios. Here they are:2015-09-22 19:50:16
2015/09/21SmartCaps: PTL Enterprises, A Low Priced Bet On Artemis HospitalsHere’s introducing “Smartcaps” – Our crowd-sourced portfolio. First a bunch of thanks to the …2015-09-21 17:12:22
2015/09/21Optionalysis: MA20 Turns Around With a 50% Gain2015-09-21 16:10:19
2015/09/16Optionalysis: MA20 Goes Bullish!2015-09-16 23:50:32
2015/09/14Macronomics: 1.2% Current Account Deficit in June But It’s The Sep Quarter That MattersA quick look at the recent Balance of Payments Data revealed, in charts: Balance …2015-09-14 18:30:00
2015/09/11Premium: Action Plan: What To Do With the Jitters In Corporate Debt Owning Mutual FundsToday we’re going to look at debt mutual funds, and how they will be …2015-09-11 11:10:34
2015/09/07Premium: A Quick Update: Souring FII Sentiment Tanks Rupee and Stocks. There’s Probably More Damage To ComeAs markets continue to tank, and we continue to hit stop losses, we have …2015-09-07 21:30:07
2015/09/05Macronomics: The Next Big Risk – Banks Lend Most to Real Estate In The Last YearCredit Growth itself has slowed considerably, to as less at 9.5% and is near …2015-09-05 07:10:12
2015/09/03Portfolio: A Momentum Reentry and a New Commodity Play for the Longer TermWe’ve been very silent on the portfolios. Why? Because the market isn’t looking good. …2015-09-03 21:00:27
2015/09/02Premium Video: Do Not Hurry Exits, Says AP on Trading OptionsWe’ve had options trading from AP in the trading room at Slack for over …2015-09-02 17:40:02
2015/08/31Macronomics: A Lower Low on the Nifty, Which Seems Justified If You See The Macro PictureWe had a wild week on the markets in the week. Just as the …2015-08-31 07:10:06
2015/08/28Optionalysis: A Quick Note About MA20 and Whoa Look Where It IsThe MA20 is our proprietary indicator about market breadth. The MA20 is calculated by taking the …2015-08-28 07:10:23
2015/08/28Optionalysis: Writing Options To Profit; A Calendar Straddle Spread To Welcome VolatilityToday we explore the options market in some detail. AP has been providing some …2015-08-28 02:10:50
2015/08/25Portfolio: As The Dust of our Stop Losses Settles, We Evaluate How The Portfolio Has Done2015-08-25 21:00:42
2015/08/24Macronomics: Taking Liquidity Out of Markets Can Kill Them, Coming To An Exchange Near YouThe fear of the US markets falling by 500 points (Dow) on Friday reflects …2015-08-24 01:30:09
2015/08/20Optionalysis: The HDFC Warrant For Three Years, DecomposedHDFC Limited has some warrants that are being peddled by bankers for a fee. …2015-08-20 18:10:50
2015/08/18Portfolio: Stops Hit On Recent Adds, But We Add A Tyre Maker That Isn’t TiredWe’ve had an interesting time with the Momentum Portfolio recently.2015-08-18 19:10:27
2015/08/13Macronomics: Carnage in the Rupee Markets Explained In Charts2015-08-13 21:20:48
2015/08/11Portfolio: We Thank The Textile Pack, And Move On To Breakouts On A Rough DayIn a day of extreme volatility we have managed to wreck and partially rebuild …2015-08-11 23:30:52
2015/08/07Portfolio: Out of NDL and Aegis, And Into Two High-Risk StocksWe’ve had even more changes recently to the portfolio.2015-08-07 19:50:41
2015/08/04Portfolio: Thanks for 12% in a Month, But We’re Changing That StockA quick note on a change we made in the portfolio yesterday (Slack group …2015-08-04 20:50:32
2015/08/03Macronomics: The Charts That Explain Why RBI Should Hesitate Before Cutting Rates FurtherRBI has another meeting tomorrow and we seems to have the markets telling us …2015-08-03 21:30:20
2015/07/31Portfolio: Making 2 Replacements and Booking Profits2015-07-31 21:10:07
2015/07/30Optionalysis: A Video with Abhijit on Using The Put/Call Ratio with HPCL (Part 2)2015-07-30 21:10:08
2015/07/30Optionalysis: Using the Put/Call Ratio on Stocks Near Expiry For Option Trades (Part 1)2015-07-30 10:30:04
2015/07/29Macronomics: A Macro Look at the Rupee and Foreign Investor FlowsFIIs seem to be easing off on India. As much as we can imagine …2015-07-29 13:50:49
2015/07/24Portfolio: Rejig of the Long Term Portfolio, And Adding Two StocksWe’ve decided to add two more stocks to the Long Term Portfolio. We’ll be …2015-07-24 18:20:29
2015/07/22The Big Mo Corner: Money Buys Half?2015-07-22 19:10:44
2015/07/21Macronomics: Highest CNX 500 P/E in Eight Years!2015-07-21 21:10:26
2015/07/21Premium: Of Sun Pharma, Infy and Some Results That Spooked The Day2015-07-21 20:30:27
2015/07/17Optionalysis: Retail Traders Short Options More than Any Other Market Participant, and Smart Money OI Sets Direction2015-07-17 16:10:46
2015/07/15Premium: How Do You Park Cash For Tax Efficient and Good Returns?We don’t usually do personal finance posts on this forum, but since we’d discussed …2015-07-15 20:50:24
2015/07/13Premium: Webinar Recording: Puneet Khurana on How to Allocate Money to StocksThe recording for the webinar on Saturday, July 11, 2015 is at:2015-07-13 12:10:13
2015/07/10Macronomics: IIP Sectors Show Alaming Slowdowns in Key Sectors2015-07-10 21:25:41
2015/07/08Macronomics: Bank NPAs Show Alarming Signs, Add to Woes of the Sector2015-07-08 16:30:26
2015/07/08Optionalysis: And Yet Again, MA20 Shows That Trade as China and Commodities Sink2015-07-08 09:10:33
2015/07/07Portfolio: The 10th Stock Gets Added, a PSU OMCThis may be a horrible time to fill up the portfolio, right when stocks …2015-07-07 12:15:42
2015/07/06Macronomics: The What-Ifs of a Greece Exit or a New Deal For The Rest Of UsMarkets are likely to be volatile on the news of Greece saying NO in …2015-07-06 11:55:48
2015/07/04Optionalysis: Put-Call Ratio and MA20 Update – No Trade, But Signs of Peaking2015-07-04 15:10:14
2015/07/04The Big Mo Corner: Risk, Reward and (Old) AgeThe Big Mo Corner for Capital Mind Premium by Mohit Satyanand. 2015-07-04 06:10:40
2015/07/03Premium: A Player That Has More Cash Than Its Entire Market Cap, Shows Signs of Breaking Out2015-07-03 13:50:00
2015/07/02Macronomics: China’s Stock Market Drops Viciously, and What It Might Mean For IndiaThe Shanghai market has fallen over 20% just from 12th June, and the authorities …2015-07-02 22:10:18
2015/07/01Macronomics: Government Bonds See Losses of 90,000 cr. in the June QuarterWe’ve spoken about this before; that banks have way too much money sitting in …2015-07-01 19:50:51
2015/07/01Portfolio: And Two More Additions To The Momentum StocksWe are generally bearish about the market but we do find it interesting to …2015-07-01 02:20:41
2015/06/25Macronomics: Why Bank Results for the June Quarter Are Likely To Be Horrible  Banks are going to see some really tough results this coming quarter, and …2015-06-25 20:51:19
2015/06/24Optionalysis: Lessons Learnt From A Profitable But Silly MA20 Trade2015-06-24 20:50:10
2015/06/24Portfolio: Another Outlier Company, This Time In The Engg IT SpaceWe have an addition to the Momentum Portfolio. We need to give this portfolio …2015-06-24 19:30:06
2015/06/18Optionalysis: MA20 Shows a Trade2015-06-18 13:10:08
2015/06/16Macronomics: Net of Gold, We Run a Current Account Surplus!2015-06-16 13:40:52
2015/06/15Portfolio: A Stop Loss Hits on the Rail Bearings Business2015-06-15 13:50:14
2015/06/12Macronomics: Carnage in the Bond Markets, Look How Banks Face Losses Of 10,000 Cr. in this QuarterFolks, there’s some serious bloodletting happening in the bond markets. You’ve seen it here …2015-06-12 08:41:50
2015/06/09Premium: The Impact in India of Including China-A Shares in the MSCI IndexHere’s a story to start this post: Raj and Balu were walking through a …2015-06-09 13:40:38
2015/06/08Premium: The Nifty Consolidated Price-to-Earnings RatioHow do you calculate the Price to Earnings of an Index? There are 50 …2015-06-08 21:10:35
2015/06/04Macronomics: Indian Bonds Are Getting The World Jitters2015-06-04 15:30:06
2015/06/02Premium: Banks Hit a Technical Barrier, and the Yield Curve Shifts Up Even As RBI Cuts Rates2015-06-02 21:00:25
2015/06/02Premium: Nifty Results: The Final Summary of FY15 Is Chilling; Q4 Earnings Drop 15% Even After Ignoring The Worst Two CompaniesAs we mentioned in the previous post, results of Nifty companies are just terrible. …2015-06-02 06:00:16
2015/06/01Macronomics: The GDP Situation in Charts, And The Yellowing Economic Leaves in the India StoryIndia’s GDP data is out, and in today’s Macronomics, we show it in charts.2015-06-01 07:32:00
2015/05/29Portfolio: Investing in A Rope and Cord BusinessWe’re adding a small cap stock to the portfolio. Warning: This stock trades just …2015-05-29 20:27:00
2015/05/29Premium: Foreign Investors Sell Both Equity and Debt in May, But Are They Going Away?Foreign Investors have just followed the adage, “Sell in May and Go Away”. Till …2015-05-29 15:19:00
2015/05/27Premium: The 38 Nifty Companies With Their Full Year Results, Are We In Acche Din?2015-05-27 15:10:27
2015/05/25Premium: SBI Profits Sound Good, But When You Look Inside…State Bank of India announced results today and they started off well, but ended …2015-05-25 22:40:09
2015/05/22Optionalysis: MA5 Flips But MA20 Remains Buoyant2015-05-22 19:30:32
2015/05/21Premium: KPR Mill Plans a 60% Capacity Expansion, Grows Profits 21%2015-05-21 12:46:16
2015/05/18Macronomics: Three Important Charts – Nifty Results Suck, Indian Trade Contracts, FIIs Still LeavingThree charts we think are important to note at this point:2015-05-18 21:50:48
2015/05/14Portfolio: Yet Another Textile Company In The Limelight2015-05-14 21:00:35
2015/05/14Optionalysis: Yet Another MA20 Signal Shows Up, Take a Careful Option Position2015-05-14 19:00:18
2015/05/12Macronomics: Here’s What We Think RBI Will Do, After Seeing IIP and Inflation DataToday, in Macronomics:2015-05-12 19:50:57
2015/05/11Premium: The Curious Case of VLS Finance, a Company Which Owns Shares Worth 5x Than Its Market CapHow do you a value a company that holds other companies shares?2015-05-11 21:10:31
2015/05/08Macronomics: It’s a Storm. Bond Yields Soar to 8%, USDINR Crosses 64, and the Macro Fire Alarms Are RingingThis is going to be a long post. Brace yourself.2015-05-08 07:10:53
2015/05/07Optionalysis: MA20 Disappoints, But a Chart Pattern Shows a Potential Short-Term Reversal2015-05-07 20:17:08
2015/05/06Portfolio: Two More Stops In The Panic of the Market2015-05-06 19:00:13
2015/05/06Premium: Don’t Catch a Falling Knife – Both Stock and Bond Markets Near 2015 Lows 2015-05-06 14:20:48
2015/05/05Optionalysis: Finally the MA20 Turns, Giving a Glimmer of Hope For Options2015-05-05 09:15:03
2015/05/05Macronomics: Whoa, Cement and Steel Slow Considerably, Just as Banks Pump High-Cost Housing Loans While Cutting Affordable Housing Credit GrowthIn Macronomics, we bring to you something that’s another sign of “Yellowing Shoots”, our …2015-05-05 08:10:14
2015/04/29Premium: A Simple Framework to See if a Stock is Overvalued. And look at Jubilant Foods!Is there a bubble in quality stocks? Ask Abhinav Mansinghka and Niren Parekh. (Thanks …2015-04-29 10:10:36
2015/04/28Macronomics: The First Sign of a Technical Long Term DowntrendThe Nifty just did something remarkable. It hasn’t done this in over a year …2015-04-28 11:00:36
2015/04/27Portfolio: Market Beats Us Up, as we Exit the FMCG AncilliaryMarkets have continued their weakness and at this time we take notice of stops.2015-04-27 17:10:40
2015/04/23Macronomics: Foreign Investors Are Slowly, But Steadily, Exiting Indian Markets2015-04-23 21:52:40
2015/04/21Macronomics: Three Sectors Showing Signs of Revival in Industial Production Data2015-04-21 17:10:47
2015/04/20Premium: When Is A Good Time To Exit A Stock, Fundamentally Speaking?When is the right time to exit? There are no good answers to this …2015-04-20 19:40:46
2015/04/18Optionalysis: When Buying Straddles Fail – TCS Fell 4% But Option Sellers Still Took Home The Moolah2015-04-18 09:10:40
2015/04/16Portfolio: Adding An Old Pal, And Replacing Two Slowing Stocks With Smart Movers2015-04-16 20:10:56
2015/04/16Optionalysis: Reliance Steams Up Ahead of Results!2015-04-16 17:30:57
2015/04/13Outliers: Rating Agencies and A/C Makers Suddenly Outperform, and Watch Vinati Organics2015-04-13 08:55:12
2015/04/10Macronomics: Why Inflation Might Be Back, As RBI Goes Aggressive on Forex Reserve Building2015-04-10 21:02:25
2015/04/09Portfolio: Yet another WindMill Owning Textile Stock Outlier2015-04-09 17:20:57
2015/04/07Outliers: The Smallcap/Midcap Day, and Check Out [Stock]2015-04-07 22:00:02
2015/04/07Macronomics: Surprise in 91 Day T-Bills, Credit Growth Near 15 Year Lows, What Will RBI Do?RBI will have yet another meeting on Tuesday. In Macronomics today:2015-04-07 02:00:21
2015/04/06Portfolio: Adding a Pigment Maker to the Long Term Portfolio2015-04-06 15:40:17
2015/04/03Premium – What’s the Deal With Timken India?2015-04-03 15:50:07
2015/04/02Optionalysis: What does “Short Covering” Really Mean?Firstly, we’d like to announce that we raised a round of seed funding for …2015-04-02 12:12:37
2015/03/26Optionalysis: Ranbaxy April Futures Will Expire on April 01 on Merger With Sun Pharma, Things to Note2015-03-26 07:02:05
2015/03/25Portfolio: 2 More Stop Losses Make It A Rough March2015-03-25 17:12:38
2015/03/24Optionalysis: Futures Premiums Are Through The Roof, While MA20 Starts Getting Interesting Finally2015-03-24 21:22:51
2015/03/23Portfolio: Crazy Moves, 1 Stop, and 1 Outlier Added2015-03-23 18:22:24
2015/03/22Macronomics: The Government is Getting 40% of all New Deposits as Credit Growth Craters2015-03-22 07:12:25
2015/03/20Outliers: Video: KRBL Continues to Shine as Outlier While Market Falls, Granules Drops Out2015-03-20 07:10:27
2015/03/19Outliers: Video: KRBL Shows Up as a Smart Outlier, Granules Revisited. Stocks That Were Up As The Market Retreated2015-03-19 07:10:57
2015/03/18Premium: When Promoters Sell: When Is It A Bad Thing?2015-03-18 21:10:29
2015/03/17Premium: Outliers: Our Video on How To Discover Stocks Using The Tool2015-03-17 22:16:31
2015/03/16Portfolio: Outlier Additions and One Replacement, Volatile Times2015-03-16 17:20:03
2015/03/16Premium: Outliers: Outperformers in a Falling Market2015-03-16 05:20:56
2015/03/12Macronomics: Oil Saves the Current Account Deficit, But Gold Trips Us Up2015-03-12 20:35:58
2015/03/11Portfolio: Two Stops Hit, Adding a Cotton Company and a Chemical Manufacturer2015-03-11 12:00:29
2015/03/09Premium: Four Warning Signs a Stock Has Shady Promoters2015-03-09 17:20:07
2015/03/04Premium: RBI Cuts Rates, And Market Falls! Surprise?2015-03-04 20:32:57
2015/03/03Portfolio: Changes and Additions and Recaps2015-03-03 20:00:37
2015/02/24Macronomics: India’s Trade Falls to Lowest In Four Years While No One’s Looking2015-02-24 19:05:10
2015/02/22Premium: What If Arb Funds Get Hosed in the Budget? The Stocks That Will Be Hit2015-02-22 17:42:39
2015/02/21Premium: Valuing The Beast They Call Suzlon2015-02-21 07:00:10
2015/02/18Premium: Technicals: What About The Drop in Hero Motocorp after the Big Promoter Unloading?2015-02-18 20:54:34
2015/02/18Premium: That New CPI Inflation Number Is Both Good and Bad2015-02-18 07:12:16
2015/02/13Macronomics: State Wise Homeownership Shows The Rural Urban Divide2015-02-13 20:00:23
2015/02/13Portfolio: Adding an FMCG Stock2015-02-13 09:02:54
2015/02/11Premium: MA20 and MA5 Right Two Times In A Row, Where Are They Heading Now?2015-02-11 06:02:29
2015/02/10Premium: Alt Investment Funds Raise Record Amount of Funds in 2014; Investments by Indian VC Funds Lag PE and Hedge Funds2015-02-10 20:21:18
2015/02/09Portfolio: Lots of Stops Hit on Friday, and A Look At The Days Ahead2015-02-09 06:07:02
2015/02/08Macronomics: Housing Credit Explosion Continues, and RBI Seems To Get Aggressive With Dollar Buys2015-02-08 16:02:34
2015/02/08Premium: Nifty Companies and their Disappointing Results Continue2015-02-08 10:07:24
2015/02/05Portfolio: Markets Reverse and Momentum Stop Gets Hit2015-02-05 20:02:31
2015/02/02Premium: Yellowing Leaves in the Nifty, Cumulative Profit Growth Falls Off a Cliff2015-02-02 20:17:56
2015/02/02Optionalysis: The MA20 Sits On The Borderline, Action Time!2015-02-02 09:50:32
2015/01/30Premium: Backtesting an Options Strangle Strategy, Even A Dangerous One2015-01-30 21:00:30
2015/01/29Premium: What’s Feb Going To Bring Us? Look at the MA20 and MA5As we step into a new expiry cycle (today is F&O expiry), how do …2015-01-29 15:28:24
2015/01/27Portfolio: Two Stocks Out, Two Stocks In2015-01-27 16:07:01
2015/01/26Premium: Syriza Wins Greece, Talks Tough. What Happens Next?You know that cold you sometimes catch that just won’t go away? The international …2015-01-26 13:25:50
2015/01/23Macronomics: That Massive QE in Europe, What Does It Bring for India?Mario Draghi has primed the pump. The ECB will buy 60 billion euros of …2015-01-23 13:47:07
2015/01/20Portfolio: Two More Stocks Showing Strong Tech Strength2015-01-20 16:20:19
2015/01/19Premium: Understanding Leverage and How Markets Can Reward and KillThis is a long post. We hope to explain the concept of leverage and …2015-01-19 18:02:03
2015/01/19Portfolio: Charts show [Stock] Breaking Out2015-01-19 16:05:05
2015/01/15Macronomics: Swiss National Bank Gives Up Euro Peg, Swiss Franc Skyrockets. What’s in it for India?2015-01-15 18:02:50
2015/01/14Portfolio: Value Turns to Momentum, and We Just Bought OneSometimes what was earlier identified as “value” turns to strong momentum. I remember this …2015-01-14 09:50:36
2015/01/12Fixed Income Portfolio: Four Mutual Funds We Consider to Profit From Falling RatesInflation’s coming down! For December 2014, Consumer Price Inflation is at 5%. This is …2015-01-12 21:00:42
2015/01/10Premium: One Structural Reason For the Sudden Rise in the Rupee2015-01-10 18:02:40
2015/01/10Macronomics: Foreign Investors Love Government Bonds So Much…2015-01-10 17:55:22
2015/01/09Portfolio: A Stock That Made New Highs While Markets Retreated2015-01-09 15:24:39
2015/01/06Optionalysis: Time to Go Short This Stock?2015-01-06 08:11:11
2015/01/02Macronomics: You’re Not Going To Believe How Much Banks Have Loaded On This Sector2015-01-02 21:13:29
2015/01/01Portfolio: Welcoming the New Year With a Tyre Stock2015-01-01 20:10:21
2015/01/01Premium: Top Performing Stocks in 2014: Auto and Logistics OutperformThe team at Capital Mind wishes you a very Happy New Year! May your …2015-01-01 13:32:26
2014/12/23Optionalysis: MA20 Reverses, But Watch Out For Holidays and Expiry2014-12-23 20:35:54
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2014/11/28Portfolio: Whipsawing Stops and Thinking Longer Term2014-11-28 15:04:02
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2014/10/31Macronomics: Why the Fed Taper Has So Little Impact On The US and Indian BondsThe US Fed finally ended their quantitative easing (QE) program yesterday. The program consisted …2014-10-31 11:47:31
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2014/10/07The CAPM Portfolio: [Stock] Hurts and Stops Out, Strides Has 15% DividendStrides has announced a special dividend of Rs. 105 per share, after October 22, …2014-10-07 15:46:16
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2014/09/30Portfolio: Strides Merger Pushes it Up, Time for an Options PlayOn the portfolio we have some quick news.2014-09-30 15:23:32
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2014/09/25Premium: Strides Crash, Suven Disengages and It’s a Sea of Portfolio Red2014-09-25 17:10:13
2014/09/24Macronomics: Crop Yields of Key Crops are Dropping, Even as Production IncreasesIndian summer crops (“Kharif” crops) are showing disturbing signs – while total production is …2014-09-24 18:28:47
2014/09/23The CAPM Portfolio: Time to Bharat Forge-TWe spoke of Bharat Forge last time and how to handle its fall. We …2014-09-23 16:50:48
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2014/09/12Macronomics: Corporate Debt Restructured Forms 5% of All Bank Loans, Highest EverWhat is the CDR mechanism? When a debt-laden company in a distressed state, and can’t …2014-09-12 16:30:54
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2014/08/26Macronomics: Bank Fraud Analysis Shows PSU Banks Get the Least, But Largest FraudsIn July 2013, Dr. K. C. Chakrabarty , the Deputy Governor of the RBI, …2014-08-26 15:35:00
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2014/07/21RBI’s Boost to Housing: What’s the Impact?The RBI recently announced measures to reduce costs for “affordable” housing and infrastructure. They …2014-07-21 15:48:04
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2014/07/18Mutual Fund Commissions Go Up in FY14, But The Future Is Scary (Freemium)Each year AMFI releases data on all commissions paid to agents by all mutual …2014-07-18 13:34:57
2014/07/16RBI Goes Ballistic: Buys $22 Billion in May 2014 (Freemium)In May 2014, RBI went on the offensive against the rupee. Instead of disrupting …2014-07-16 13:14:30
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2014/06/27Macronomics: Capital Mind’s All India Housing Index at +3.7%, Low Growth ContinuesThe dreaded Housing Price Slowdown continues to haunt India, with an anaemic 3.7% annual …2014-06-27 10:10:14
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2014/06/15Weekend Charts: 300 Days of UpTrend, Inflation Insights, Bank Weakness, CAPM20…A few end of the week charts we think you’ll like:2014-06-15 21:07:27
2014/06/13CAPM Portfolio: Hitting a Stop on a Fry-DayIt’s been a fry-day the 13th. In a sudden turn of events it looks …2014-06-13 15:15:30
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2014/05/14Optionalysis: The Put-Call Ratio and the Huge Outlier in PCROIThe Put-Call Ratio is often quoted as a statistic that could, perhaps, influence market …2014-05-14 19:08:53
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2014/03/13Macronomics: The Rupee Surprise(Post for Capital Mind Premium subscribers) Here’s a quick summary post on the macro …2014-03-13 15:56:19
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2014/03/04Macronomics: Housing Prices Grow at Lowest Rate Since 2008, From the ResidexThis is a post for Capital Mind Premium subscribers. In our last post on …2014-03-04 15:51:31
2014/02/28The VIX Futures Contract: Too Big For RetailWe now have trades on the Volatility Index (VIX) futures. In a more detailed …2014-02-28 14:38:10
2014/02/27Optionalysis: The Deep OTM Strangle StrategyOne of the big option strategies in recent times have been the itch to …2014-02-27 16:28:34
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2014/02/14Macronomics: A Source Of Potential Banking System Stress  This is an archive of the Macronomics letter for Capital Mind Premium subscribers, …2014-02-14 14:34:40
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2014/01/31Optionalysis: Demystifying The Covered CallAfter a while we’re back to Optionalysis. The last week was extremely volatile to …2014-01-31 16:19:23
2014/01/30Premium: FIIs are Running Away From Indian DebtWe had a great webinar yesterday, with my explaining my views on the RBI …2014-01-30 20:34:30
2014/01/27Optionalysis: The TTM Debit Spread WorkedAfter yesterday’s debit put spread, TataMotors opened way down at 375 which was our …2014-01-27 18:38:42
2014/01/24Macronomics: Credit Card Receivables Shrink, Vehicle and Real Estate Lending Trends DownThis is a Macronomics post archived for Capital Mind Premium subscribers. Click here to …2014-01-24 14:23:38
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Capitalmind Premium Portfolios

You want to invest, and we’re here to help! Here’s a list of our portfolios that you can buy into.

The Momentum Portfolio

We all love short term momentum. So we build some cool tools and a set of portfolios that you might like! The Momentum Portfolio consists of 30 stocks that are selected using our new DIY Toolkit on Snap (See video) and Snap Outliers. Read about how this strategy came around.

The idea is to have 30 stocks which will be only-long, and we replace them once a month. We will hedge when markets look weak, through the options markets.

(See the Momentum Portfolio)

The Long Term Portfolio

We regularly analyze stocks for long term opportunities. Stocks with an interesting story, a good valuation and a solid trigger for the future. And then we buy them in a portfolio format. With about 25 stocks in it at a time, this is a diversified portfolio focused on value.

We do not recommend buying in one shot, but with regular investment each month. and do not keep target prices.

(See the Long Term Portfolio)

Dividend Yield Portfolio

This is a portfolio of stocks paying high dividends particularly aimed at income seeking investors. Imagine buying a portfolio that has long term stable stocks (not mega-growth) that are cash-generating and give great dividends. We have put a threshold yield of 4% which is close to the current savings bank account interest rate.

This is a less volatile investment strategy, and we rebalance once a year.

(See the Dividend Yield Portfolio)

The Electric Vehicles (EV) Portfolio

We also have an Electric Vehicles Portfolio. Based on the (very) long term bet that Electric Vehicles will succeed. The suggestion here is to invest a small amount every month, but that also we will add more (or remove) stocks every few months as news comes along.

The Buyback Strategy

Buying back stocks is a common exercise in India, but there’s a way for a small investor to get a big advantage. We buy if there is an opportunity and then tender. A single buyback takes three to four months. We will only bother if there’s a 10% return, so that the “low risk” return on an annual basis will go to about 25%+.

(See the Buyback Strategy)

The Fixed Income Portfolio

Who doesn’t like fixed income? Fixed deposits are the most popular product in India. Yet, we like the bond markets. And we have strategies to attack them. Our fixed income portfolio has tried to generate better returns by just choosing mutual funds that are attractive but that only invest in debt.

Our latest post on this is: Go to the Ultra Short Term Funds now.

How to Allocate Money to these Portfolios

You have a fixed amount of money to invest, and probably earn some every month. Here’s our “Do-it-Yourself” way to allocate your money to Stocks and Fixed Income. It tells you how to divide your money in our portfolios.

If you only want to buy the Long Term Portfolio, here’s is the Capitalmind recommended approach to using the Long Term Portfolio.

The Old and the Interesting: Archived Strategies

We have an amazing portfolio in 2016, the Monsoon Portfolio returned 20% in four months. We built it based on the expectation of a good monsoon, which happened, and the stocks did their job too.

Slack and Conversations

You will love our real time conversations on Capitalmind at Slack. Join now and if you haven’t yet done so, mail us at premium@capitalmind dot in. There are lots of brilliant conversations. We even have a searchable archive of the whole past conversations for you.

Capitalmind on Slack

Tools and Open Source Projects

We have an awesome platform for you at Capitalmind Snap! There’s so much out there you can use. Check out our proprietary Outliers, which is our algorithm that ranks stocks based on price momentum.

We even have some cool charts! Check out our Stock Charts and then, the Futures and Options charts with data from the NSE. Snap Charts

Oh and you can even plot Straddles and Strangles with Options! (See Video)

Also, check out the brilliant Open Source Options Analysis Toolkit, written for Google Scripts. You can use it to build payoff graphs and check out strategies online.

If you’re a Windows user, you can also download an open source version of Options Oracle, a tool that allows to you build options strategies.

And if you want to know about how to get instant alerts when a company you follow will release something to the stock exchanges, check out our Open Source Alerting Toolkit for Google Scripts.

Tutorial – Bonds

What, really, are bonds?

There is no easy answer. Bonds sound like handcuffs, and to many companies they are those indeed. But the idea is simple: they’re like fixed deposits, but you trade them. And to further simplify this instrument, we have multi-pronged tutorial : We walk you through the basics of Bonds, Bonds Trading, as well as nuances like:

14 Mar 2016: Tutorial: How To Buy Bonds Online – The Basics, Part 1

14 Mar 2016: Tutorial: Cash Flow Based Return of Long Term Bonds Available Online, Part 2

21 Mar 2016: Tutorial : Tax Implications and Nuances of Online Bonds – Part 3

LearnTA: The Technical Analysis Tutorial

19 Mar 2014: Introduction to Technical Analysis

28 Mar 2014: Learn TA: Moving Averages (Premium)

16 April 2014: The Momentum Oscillator Called RSI

30 May 2014: The Doji, White Soldiers and Black Crows

18 Jun 2014: BackTesting a Systematic Trading Strategy

10 Oct 2014: Introduction to Market Profile

12 Nov 2014: Pivot Points and Their Range Implications

23 Jun 2015: The MACD Indicator and How We Use It

Webinars and Videos

04 Jun 2014: Webinar Recording: GDP Summary and RBI Policy

06 Aug 2014: Webinar Recording: RBI Policy, SLR and HTM Changes, August 2014

22 Nov 2014: Webinar Recording: Adjusting Portfolios and Stock Prices for Bonuses/Dividends

13 July 2015: Webinar Recording: Puneet Khurana on How to Allocate Money to Stocks

02 Oct 2015: Webinar Recording: Trading Pure Price Action

31 Mar 2016: Webinar With AP – Intermarket Relationships & The Maruti Trade


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