The Snap Results Tracker by Capitalmind: Track Company Results in One Place

In our new “Alpha” version of Snap we have a special for you: The Snap Results Tracker.

You can access it easily, and track results as they come. The tool is free! (Click here)

Please let us know what you …

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Q2FY18 Results: Private Banks Show Resilience Towards NPA, Show Credit Growth; LVB Goes For a Toss

Its October and the Q2 results have started coming in. A few private banks have come out with results till now. Though it has been a mixed bag, each one has to something to say. Let’s get a brief overview …

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Sponsored: Will an Equal Weighted Index outperform other funds?

Note: This is a post sponsored by DSP Blackrock Mutual Fund. Please do not treat this article as a recommendation; we aim to provide information and education about the concept of Stock Market Indexes and specifically, of an equal weighted …

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Portfolio: EV Portfolio Up By 37%, Adding More Stocks

The EV Portfolio has run phenomenally with a 37% return at a portfolio level so far. Given that we started it with few stocks on 22 August 2017, a 1.5 month return of 37% seems like it’s on steroids! We are adding more stocks to the portfolio. read more »

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