Introducing The Capitalmind Podcast: On Debt Mutual Funds Taking Losses and What You Can Do About It

Here’s introducing the Capitalmind Podcast: Of strange things in the financial markets, with Deepak Shenoy and Shray Chandra.

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Today’s episode, the very first, is about the concern in debt markets and the hit that debt mutual funds …

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Q3FY19 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Multicap Portfolio

The season of Q3 results has almost come to an end and results are slowly trickling out. Here is a quick compilation of results of stocks that form part of our Long term Multicap portfolio. read more »

Fundas : Understanding Operating Leverage

Leverage amplifies the profitability of companies. First thing that comes to mind when one speaks of leverage is the debt that the company has on its balance sheet - the company takes on debt to fund its assets and grow its business. This is called Financial Leverage read more »

Charts: Inflation Drops to 2.05%, Even Lower Than What RBI Projected a Week Back


There is something to be said about inflation. It’s a number that is stubbornly refusing to rise. January inflation came in at just 2.05%, a near-two year low. And it’s happening like this: the inflation index is actually falling – …

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The Pandora’s Box, Risk of Leverage and Zee

The Pandora’s Box that was opened when IL&FS defaulted on inter-corporate deposits and commercial papers (borrowings) worth about Rs.450 crore in June 2018 continues to spread claiming new victims. The latest such company to face a credit squeeze and consequently …

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InterimBudget 2019: A Quick Look at Where Government Spends

As Individuals, we go into debt basically for two reasons. One is when we wish to acquire a capital asset that cannot be acquired by our savings alone. Second one is when our Income cannot meet our Expenditure.

In the …

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