Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at APL Apollo Tubes Ltd

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As part of our Taking stock series started in 2017, In this post we analyze APL Apollo, company engaged in manufacturing of steel tubes and pipes in India. read more »

Guest post: What if you were the unluckiest investor in India?

This is a guest post by Anoop Vijaykumar. Anoop is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser and writes about equity investing at thecalminvestor.com. Follow him on twitter @CalmInvestor

“How lucky are you?”

Since responding to such a question, all things considered, …

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Abeyaar #2: Book Value

In today’s Abeyaar, we’ll try and look at a phrase knowledgeable people keep talking about: Book Value.

Amar: Oye, what is Book Value?

Akbar: Search for title on Amazon or Flipkart, it will show up. Did you know author gets …

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Macronomics: The Silent Interest Rate Hike Happening Today

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India’s been trying to control some crazy moves on bonds. Yields went up to 7.8% recently – the government was paying a lot more to borrow money, much more than ever before. This prompted them to do two things:…

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Premium (Unlocked): Fundas: Cash Flow – The Truth About Profit

The importance of Profits getting converted to Cash

What happens when accounting profits are higher or lower than cash profits? How does it impact the company? Why is it important for investors to look at this? Read on below to …

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