Bond Baba: Is Unichem Buyback Worth a Peck?

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Unichem - A specialty pharmaceutical company, specialized in niche therapy areas of cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and anti-infective. Unichem has recently concluded its sale of domestic business (including Nepal business including Sikkim) to Torrent Pharma. While the deal was finalized for Rs 3,600 Cr, Unichem came out with buyback offer to enhance the shareholders value post sale read more »

Everything’s Going Up. Including Bond Yields, Which Might Be A Problem

Bond Yields Highest

Sometimes there’s a bull market. And a crazy bull market that takes everything up, and we sometimes ignore that there are other, liquid markets out there. One of them is the bond market. And here’s the picture that it’s telling …

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Guest Post: How Long Has Such an Extreme Valuation Lasted?

Nifty Days in PE Ranges

This is a Guest Post by Anoop Vijaykumar. 

Whether you are a fundamental or technical investor, your portfolio has probably done fairly well (‘Happy New Year 2018‘) in the last 12-18 months. With P/Es of almost all indices at or …

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Realty and Metal Best Performers in 2017, Pharma and IT Worst

The broad based Nifty 50 Index returned 27.66% in the last calendar year. While different sectors performed at different scales, we bring to you the holistic view of performances of different indices.

Realty is seeing its old glory days again. …

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November Flattens Up for Markets, But Nifty’s Still Up 25% in 2017

It’s been a flat November for the markets. The Nifty fell marginally, about 1.1% even if it recovered from a November 15 low.

What’s interesting? December looks great on average. It’s the best month – typically – of the year. …

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