Safe? Dredging Corp Decides That Even Government Debt can be Bad Debt

In it’s quarterly results, Dredging Corp (a public sector undertaking) has said this:

Basically it is owed some Rs. 84 cr. from Sethusamudram Corporation which was supposed to oversee the creation of a canal between the waters of India and …

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Links: Rough Fund Returns, RBI Hits at Banks, Government Hits at RBI and So Much Fun…

At Capitalmind Premium, we have a very active Slack channel where we discuss a lot of interesting topics. In there,  a number of interesting links come our way. Here’s a list:

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​1. India is not the only place where defaults …

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Charts: Indian Banks Have Very Low Capital Compared To Other Countries


In a recent lecture, N.S. Vishwanathan, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India which  talked about the famous circular: The Revised Framework for Resolution of Stressed Assets RBI circular of 12th February 2018 and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, …

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Happy Diwali 2018! Here’s More Random Predictions and A Scorecard.

Happy Diwali Folks! We write a post every Diwali predicting strange things and laughing at the previous year’s predictions, so let’s not break that tradition.

In our last year’s post we said some very interesting things:

US Interest rates will …

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Premium: Housing Finance Firms and the Liquidity Crunch in Commercial Paper

Housing Finance firms have been at receiving end post the aftermath of ILFS default. While most of us can sit and ponder what exactly happened with them, but no one for sure knows what went wrong. Many reasons have been put forth, which looks most convincing in a way, but none of them can exactly justify this kind of fall. read more »

What we are Reading: Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox

Who doesn’t love to get a bargain – we all love to buy things cheaper than what we are presented with. Stores organize discount festivals announcing big bargains and while we very well know that the shopkeeper is no fool …

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