The Government Will Pay For Small Debit Card and UPI Merchants

Debit Cards to get Cash

The government is starting to change the rules of the game for digital payments and debit cards. It has now decided to pay the fees that merchants must pay banks, when debit cards or BHIM/Aadhaar are used for less than …

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Outlier In Focus: KSB Pumps & Valves – Solid Technology For Moving Fluids

Here is another interesting stock from our proprietary SNAP Outliers – our discovery tool for stocks with momentum. Catch them all here.

KSB Pumps (on Snap) was established in 1960 and set up a pump manufacturing facility at Pimpri, Pune. …

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Macronomics: The Bond Market Warning You Should Be Aware Of

capital mind premium featured image

In Macronomics today, we take a look at what’s happening, quietly, on interest rates. So it turns out that things have rapidly changed in the last two months. After October’s rate cut, yields have risen rapidly. The synthetic curve (CCIL …

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November Flattens Up for Markets, But Nifty’s Still Up 25% in 2017

It’s been a flat November for the markets. The Nifty fell marginally, about 1.1% even if it recovered from a November 15 low.

What’s interesting? December looks great on average. It’s the best month – typically – of the year. …

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