Nearly The Longest Time Since a 2% Decline: Dormant Volatility

In the large cap zone, markets have been very benign. Exactly how benign? Well, it turns out it’s been 233 trading days since we’ve seen a 2% decline. The only time markets saw such a high number of days before …

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Monday Reads: The BharatFin Merger, Diwali Bets, Pollution Crackdowns and Stock Analysis

The Indusind merger with Bharat Financial took ages because BFIN was looking out for a merger partner forever. The rumours were in 2016, and things finally moved with Indusind in October 2017, a merger that offered 639 shares of Indusind …

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Uncle Theta With The New Stratoptions: Capitalmind’s Tool for Awesome Option Trades


Stratoptions is what we at Capitalmind call the options trading strategy. The idea is to win by working with volatility, regardless of the direction of the market. When it’s high enough, we trade it by shorting options – and we …

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Q2FY18 Results: Private Banks Show Resilience Towards NPA, Show Credit Growth; LVB Goes For a Toss

Its October and the Q2 results have started coming in. A few private banks have come out with results till now. Though it has been a mixed bag, each one has to something to say. Let’s get a brief overview …

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