Premium: Wipro Gives Us That Buyback Juice Again – Bond Baba Looks At 8% For Next Month

capital mind premium featured image

Two of our buybacks get back to active mode. Remember, we exited Wiproearly at 302. And we are still in Infy. (Entry post)

Some progress now, as both announce their buyback dates. Wipro will require you to tender your shares …

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Charts: The Nifty, Junior and Nifty 500 P/E At 10 Year Highs and Dull Earnings Growth

Nifty 500 PE

In general, it seems to be a bad idea to speak of the Nifty P/E ratio anymore. So anti national. But just because it doesn’t matter, should we just stop? It doesn’t work that way.

So the Nifty has had …

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Q2-FY18: Earnings Notes: Gujarat Fluorochemicals, Indian Energy Exchange, PVR & Take Solutions

Here is a short summary from the Q2-FY18 Earnings Call Transcript of a few selected stocks. The sole objective of this post is to provide a quick short digest of disclosures relating to the company that came to the forefront …

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The Great Indian Bank Recapitalization Program (2017 Edition)

Bank Recap

The big bang Bank Recapitalization is here! Call it a bailout, call it recapitalization, or say that the government financial engineered a way to partially solve the bad loan problem. But what will they do?

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