The Market Fall: Panic, Leverage and Surprise

“And be careful of what you do, because the lie becomes the truth” – Michael Jackson, “Billie Jean”

What a crazy market day today. And it would be fun to chronicle it, perhaps. It started decently, though there was some …

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Outlier In Focus: Paushak Industries – A Strong Player in Niche Market

We come across a large number of interesting stocks in Capitalmind SNAP Outliers, our discovery tool for stocks with momentum. See a video of how Outliers works, and how to use Outliers to find all-time highs. Here’s a stock we …

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Premium:The IL&FS Downgrade and How To Navigate Debt Funds That Hold Its Bonds

capital mind premium featured image
Bond markets seems to be in rough times. With the dollar at 72 and beyond, the debt markets have cracked big time. Look at the yield curve now, comfortably above 8% for government securities. read more »

What we are Reading: Amazon’s Antitrust Paradox

Who doesn’t love to get a bargain – we all love to buy things cheaper than what we are presented with. Stores organize discount festivals announcing big bargains and while we very well know that the shopkeeper is no fool …

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Charts: Inflation Falls Below 4%, and Hearteningly, Core Inflation Falls Too


Inflation for August 2018 came in at a low 3.69% for August 2018. This is pleasant news with a sliding rupee, which nearly hit 73 to a dollar before reversing. Data for inflation came in much after the forex markets …

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The Emerging Market Currency Rout Deepens. What Happens to the Rupee? (And Steel)

The rupee has just gone again to that evil level of 69. It seems to be almost itching to break out.

Which, in comparison with the damage on other BRICS currencies, isn’t too bad (in 2018)

As you can imagine, …

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