Earnings Report: Results In Long Term Portfolio

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The season of Q3 results has almost come to an end and most of the results are out. Here is a quick compilation of results of stocks that form part of our Long term portfolio read more »

How The 11,400 cr. Import Ponzi Scam at PNB Unfolded

There’s a huge “fraud” at Punjab National Bank, which involves a lot of lies by a lot of people. Here’s where we come in to explain what we think happened.

But first, a few important notes:

There’s no reason to… read more »

Macronomics : RBI Forces Base Rates To MCLR, and How This Will Hurt Banks

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The recent RBI monetary policy said that banks will need to link their base-rates to MCLR. While this looks simple, it has a large impact on banks. read more »

The Economic Survey in Charts: Higher GST Registrations, Falling Home Price Growth, Tax Litigations

Here’s some of our thoughts from the Economic Survey, which we tweeted out.

The GST Thing: The Small Guys are not claiming lower taxes

GST has a “composition” scheme. And then, people under 20 lakh of turnover needn’t register. But …

read more »

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