Links: PFC Buying REC, Hospitals With The Reddy Sisters, The Insolvent Fed

At Capitalmind Premium, we have a very active Slack channel where we discuss a lot of interesting topics. In there,  a number of interesting links come our way. Here’s a list:

Power Finance Corp (PFC) is buying the 53.6% government… read more »

Fundas : Understanding Financial Ratios – Part 1

One of the most important task that a fundamental analyst undertakes while analyzing companies is going through and understanding the financial statements of companies - Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Statements. One of the effective ways of interpreting the numbers posted in the financial statements is  a) preparing and b) understanding financial ratios. The source for preparing financial ratios are the three financial statements stated above. read more »

Portfolio: Adding Sixth Tranche of EV Portfolio

We have completed five tranches of buying electric vehicle portfolio. And today we will be buying in Sixth tranche. The EV portfolio is all about companies which are going to be part of the electric vehicle growth story in India. The firm might be either a supplier or a manufacturer. The investments are considered for a longer horizon. The last tranche addition was done in August 2018. read more »

Understanding the Kotak-RBI Battle – Letter, Spirit, Rules and A Court Petition

Kotak Bank, known as one of the finest private banks in India, has knocked the doors of the courts against its own regulator, the Reserve Bank of India. We examine the complications and implications – essentially the answer to the …

read more »

Charts: Inflation Remains Low at Sub 3% and See How Food Item Prices Fell

Inflation for November 2018 was at a ludicrously low 2.33%. This is largely from the base effect of a higher number in the previous year, though prices didn’t rise between October and November.

The main thing that changed was food …

read more »

Introducing GearUp: Learn to Code and Analyze Data, Episode 1: 10 year rolling returns of total return indices

Last month, equity mutual fund inflows hit an 8-month high at Rs. 12,622 Crore. AMFI’s #MutualFundsSahiHai campaign is omnipresent, helping retail participation via systematic investment plans becoming ever more popular. The recurring theme in AFMI’s commercials – “long term mein …

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Fundas : Understanding Financial Ratios – Part 1

14 Dec 2018

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