Bonus Shares: The Unintended Complication That Increases Long Term Investors’ Tax Liability


The concept of bonus shares is weirdly fascinating. It’s just the moving of something from one account in the books to another. It’s total nonsense from an accounting perspective – it does nothing to increase the value of a …

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Charts: Core Inflation Goes to 6.4%, The Highest Since 2014

Here’s a headline you might not read. Inflation came in at 5% for June 2018, but we have something really important happening in the details.

The “core” inflation is the problem. We know that food prices are volatile. We know …

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Fundas – Understanding the Quality of Earnings

As part of our funda series, in this post we try and decipher the quality of earnings that companies post. Lot of emphasis is given on the Income or Profit and loss (P&L) statements as those record the profits that the companies post year on year. A company may be profitable year on year but the question to to be asked is what is the quality of those earnings? What do we mean by quality of earnings and how do we check that? Let us address these questions below read more »

Taking Stock: A Deeper Look at Safari Industries

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This is part of our Taking stock series started in 2017, In this post we analyze Safari Industries, a company engaged in luggage business in India. read more »

Premium: Banking Sector of FY 2018

In India – the economy which has become a rising beacon of growth among the investors, but the supporting wheel of its economy, the banking sector has been struggling with non-performing assets. Even the 2008 global financial crisis was unable to make a dent on Indian Banking sector, where banks had one of the lowest NPA during those times. But at the current juncture Indian banks are among the top distressed banks in the world. At this point, when most of us have been pondering over whether the worst is over for the banks, we thought we will bring a composite report of all banks on their financial health and see how their financial health is. read more »

Macronomics: RBI Protects the Rupee By Selling Dollars, And Squeezes Rates Upwards

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In Macronomics we'll look at the liquidity situation in the markets. Foreign investors have been pulling out money in both equity and debt markets. For the first time since 2008, we have exits from both debt and equity markets by Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPIs). read more »

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