Q4FY18 Earnings Report: Results in Long Term Portfolio – Part 1

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The season of Q4 results has almost come to an end and results are slowly trickling out. Here is a quick compilation of results of stocks that form part of our Long term portfolio. (click here to see the long term Portfolio). We will be releasing the reports in batches of five - six companies, to make it easier to read! read more »

There’s a New Sheriff in Town – Flipkart gets acquired by Walmart

Growing a company organically is a time consuming process and one despite the best of efforts may not end up exactly where the management assumed it will reach. Inorganic growth – by acquiring companies is kind of a steroid that …

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Behind the Bankruptcy Act and Why Moral Hazard Makes Shareholders Feel Cheated

For long, a joke which was close to reality when it came to the Banking Sector was

“If you owe the bank £100, that’s your problem. If you owe the bank £100m, that’s the bank’s problem”

When equity holders in …

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Charts: Inflation Adjusted Returns Show Why Starting Points Matter


On popular demand here’s the inflation adjusted chart for the Nifty, PPF (the retirement savings plan) and gold, since the highs of 2007. It shows you the purchasing power of Rs. 10,000 adjusted for Consumer Price Inflation since 2007.

What …

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Macronomics: The Silent Interest Rate Hike Happening Today

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India’s been trying to control some crazy moves on bonds. Yields went up to 7.8% recently – the government was paying a lot more to borrow money, much more than ever before. This prompted them to do two things:…

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Premium (Unlocked): Fundas: Cash Flow – The Truth About Profit

The importance of Profits getting converted to Cash

What happens when accounting profits are higher or lower than cash profits? How does it impact the company? Why is it important for investors to look at this? Read on below to …

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